Which is it?

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For the last several months we’ve been inundated with leaks about Trump and Russia. Somehow the government knew when Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador. Somehow the government knew this, that, and the other — sometimes “knowing” things we now know are false — but they “knew.” People within the government leaked several things about the President and/or his people.

Including, of course, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and the New York Times referencing wiretaps or other spying on the Trump Campaign.

Now, after months of all this supposedly secret knowledge… it’s impossible that the government spied on the Trump campaign or administration?

Either the leaks came from secret knowledge, or they didn’t.

Either the leaks and anonymous sources are true, or they aren’t.

Which is it, CNN? Which is it, media? Which is it, Brian Stelter?

Are your srouces reliable, is this narrative the truth? Or; is Trump wrong?

If Trump is wrong and all the intelligence leaks are true, how did the government and intelligence agents know anything about conversations taking place in private?

Which is it, fuckers?

See — this is the problem. The media has been so hysterically anti-Trump for the entirety of the campaign that they’ve put themselves in a place where they have to either backtrack what they have said, or admit that there was some malfeasance. There is no longer a logical middle ground.

Also, if the Russians are so bad: Was Mitt Romney right, or did Russia totally change because of Hillary’s “reset” and Obama’s “more flexibility”? Which is it? Was Russia totally sane up until 2015 or 2016? When did Putin suddenly change?

If Putin can change so much, can other people? Who can we trust?

Which is it? The media wants to have everything both ways depending on who they’re attempting to cover. And the narrative, and the false reality, are going to implode because they have over-extended themselves.

Everyone in any interaction with the media should simply insist they answer one question: which is it? Point out their hypocrisy. They’re not even making it through an entire quarter without totally changing tune.

Expose them. Destroy them. They’re out for themelves, and their narrative, and fuck us nobodies. Well, nah: fuck them. Force them to address their own faults, and ignore them if they’re not answering for it.