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Grilling and Gridiron

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Ah, the grill and the gridiron. I’ve made no secret of my enjoyment of cooking. I don’t really go with recipes as anything more than basic guidelines, but enjoy taking those basic guidelines and going off in my own direction. Creating something new, combining flavors to get just the right taste, and improving on the recipes every time. There’s something… Read more »

Guns and Guilt

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Larry Correia re-posted his previous gun control, and I responded to a liberal commenter with the below blockquote. I am mostly saving this here for my own reference for a few ideas I want to flesh out. Edward Trimnell also took on Scalzi’s guilt by association post. I have nothing to add, there. So on to the comment. 1. Criminals… Read more »

Surrounding Myself with Happy People And Media

Depressing people are a cancer in your life. Depressing media eats away at you. I’m working to avoid both. There’s nothing good to be had by surrounding yourself with bleak and depressing thoughts. It just serves to lower your own mood and darken your own emotions. Drop it; everything doesn’t have to be sad. When every story ends sadly, sad… Read more »

A New Year

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The main point of the calendar year seems to be to make resolutions one won’t keep every December and to mark off what dates we pay taxes off of. The rest of our lives revolve around personal dates: birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays we make important. The financial sector uses a different year — October to September. All any calendar really… Read more »

Sometimes you are fed a bunch of bullshit.

The best solution to this? Close your mouth. When someone tells you, for example, that X doesn’t matter — whatever it is, be it looks or money — look at their actions, not their words. If it’s coming from someone in the top ten percent of rich or attractive people: Stop eating their bullshit. If they’re also in the bottom… Read more »

Firing on All Cylinders

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A lot of the times when setting a goal, I’ll decide, “Okay, I’ll focus on this one area. If I lapse somewhere else, that’s okay, as long as I improve here. Once this becomes habit, I’ll work on the next area…” The problem with this method so far has been that I stall or fall back on everything else and… Read more »

Manspreading, Manslamming: Stop the Micro-Aggressions.

Lately this has been all in the news — to the extent only some under-inflated balls could make it go away. Mandspreading, it seems, is sitting with a wide stance on public transportation. Manslamming is the newer of the two, and that refers to the act of playing chicken when walking in public: Who moves first? These are both considered… Read more »

Avoid Poison

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We are, as a species, programmed to avoid things that are poisonous. Ophidiophobia and arachnophobia are simply out of control variations on a natural aversion to snakes and spiders: they may be poisonous, so our ape-brain just wants nothing to do with them. These are two of the more common phobias, but our overreaction to poison isn’t just limited to… Read more »