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Can’t Sing, Act, or Talk: Terrific!

The title of this week’s Leggy Lady is taken from a quote about our subject: Ava Gardner. Gardner had a career spanning just over forty years, but her career really picked up in the 1946 adaption of Ernest Hemingway’s short story “The Killers”, was married three times, and was friends with Howard Hughes. Gardner was a Southern girl, born in… Read more »

Bogey’s Baby: From the Big Sleep to the Sopranos and More

Bogey and Baby

It wasn’t easy picking the first person to talk about for the “Legs” part of the Cigars and Legs updates. But someone who was married to Bogey has a distinct advantage in the running for that. This week I’m going to talk about Lauren Bacall, a successful actress, mother, and the last wife of Humphrey Bogart. A few vitals: Bacall,… Read more »