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The Boots Come Off: Reviewed.

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The internet’s foremost reviewer, Ed at 52 in 52 Weeks, has reviewed the Boots Come Off. I say foremost because the man is a book reading, book reviewing machine and his reviews throw out all you need to know — without throwing out any spoilers for the fiction — and he’s damn good at picking and reviewing non-fiction, too. By… Read more »

No Agenda Here

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There be spoilers here. I don’t write with an agenda. There’s nothing here that is meant to convince you of anything. That’s not what I’m about; I’ve learned a while ago that people are mostly set in their ways about the topics that I’d want to sway them on (guns, gender relations — though now that I’m married I don’t… Read more »

That Time of Year in August is…

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In September (or October, depending on the year) “That time of year” is when the air gets that smell and the days start to feel cooler — that fall smell in the air. I love those days. In August, “that time of year” is spent checking the NOAA Hurricane Center website. Forty-five years ago today Camille struck the Mississippi Coast,… Read more »


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Nothing Personal. ATF targets mentally challenged — so, themselves? (Yeah you get jokes like that when you give guns to MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. Even BOYD CROWDER isn’t that crazy.) Tar, feathers, asshole cop — some assembly required. I’ll be honest, I’m linking to this for the picture at the top. Classic. Best book title ever. A wake up call. And… Read more »

Links, Links, Links, get your links…

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Full docket today in celebration of the death of Fred Phelps. George Takai may be taking the high road, but that man was a dickwad and the world is better off without him. Speaking of, Why Women and Gays should not be allowed in male safe space. I agree — if heterosexual men want to chill with other heterosexual men,… Read more »