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100 Morons

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A list of celebrities signing their names in support of the President’s most recent abuse of power, a move that won’t actually change anything for criminals but will make the lives of the law abiding more difficult over time. Whenever a conservative steps out of line and says something deemed unacceptable the SJW-type crowd calls for a boycott if they’re… Read more »

Idiot Administration: Stop buying guns!

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White House: ‘Tragic’ That Americans Buy More Guns After Mass Shootings: The Obama administration signals that it’s “tragic” that more people buy guns after mass shootings, lamenting that there are more guns in America than ever. “It’s tragic that in the immediate aftermath of a series of high profile mass shootings that people feel like they have to go out… Read more »

4 Straw Men the Left Love Tilting At

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OR, Amanda Marcotte is STILL Dumb Fresh from the music magazine that did all that great research and fact checking about the rape culture of Virginia frat houses, we have 4 Pro-Gun Arguments We’re Sick of Hearing, which are actually four specifically chosen gun arguments Marcotte thinks she’s smart enough to take down. We’ll see.

Guns and Guilt

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Larry Correia re-posted his previous gun control, and I responded to a liberal commenter with the below blockquote. I am mostly saving this here for my own reference for a few ideas I want to flesh out. Edward Trimnell also took on Scalzi’s guilt by association post. I have nothing to add, there. So on to the comment. 1. Criminals… Read more »