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Mid-Week Links

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Larry Correia asks that anyone interested help with a survey, For Great Science! Sean Spicer dealt out the truth For Great Justice! 9 Tweets Sarah Silverman Wishes You’d Forget, hat-tip Insty. Get ’em now before Twitter goes under. The Moon Through A Dusty Window. Hell, Kim, I’m still addicted to those books — and not just reading them!

Status Update And Such

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Just a few quick points: – I’ve managed to stick to the low-carb, no-junk thing pretty well, but had a bit of trouble over the weekend. Going forward I’m going to be better about it, but I’m making progress. The biggest thing at this point that I’ve noticed: we are fucking surrounded by products loaded in sugar and HFCS. –… Read more »

New Link: Splendid Isolation

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Everyone go over and see Splendid Isolation by non-other than Kim du Toit! While the circumstances around his return to blogging aren’t the happiest, seeing his words on a screen again are fantastic — he is one of the many bloggers who inspired me to actually take up the keyboard and blog myself. Also, don’t forget stop by Surviving Life… Read more »

20 Years! Ten Days!

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In ten days, President Trump takes office. Hopefully things will get better. Today is also twenty years since I first got access to the internet. A lot has changed. The start of the year is busy busy, so in general posting is going to be low.

Overwhelming Frustrations

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Work is overwhelming. Your side gig isn’t going great. You’ve got your own issues that everyone has but you feel alone in. You barely have enough time. Your motivation is tapped out. The house, yard, and car are spiting you with their needs for upkeep. Your task list is just getting longer and longer and you feel like you’re fighting… Read more »

Separate Value and Quantity from Price

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Realize What Others Don’t Whenever I buy anything that comes in a variety of quantities I am always careful to note the unit price and not merely the overall amount, because sometimes the bigger quantity is cheaper and other times it is not. This post may well be littered with such examples, though it was inspired by reading people discussing… Read more »