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Separate Value and Quantity from Price

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Realize What Others Don’t Whenever I buy anything that comes in a variety of quantities I am always careful to note the unit price and not merely the overall amount, because sometimes the bigger quantity is cheaper and other times it is not. This post may well be littered with such examples, though it was inspired by reading people discussing… Read more »

Race Baiting Liberals

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Of course it’s the LA Times… In 2016, white people must take responsibility for Donald Trump. The mother of all association fallacies, and that’s just the headline. All aboard the White Guilt Express, last train to Crackertown! “White people, come get your boy.” Depending on how you read that line from comedian W. Kamau Bell about Donald Trump, you might… Read more »

Top Posts of 2015

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Manspreading, Manslamming: Stop the Micro-Aggressions Sometimes you are fed a bunch of bullshit Chris Christie: “I Am Unelectable” Screaming into the fire My take on Cuckservative, the term not Vox Day’s book. Tea Party and Trump Birthed from the same Womb Effete Snot attacks manhood Arguments from Idiocy 7 Ways to Make Me Avoid Your Site Always Right, Pervert Edition… Read more »

A Troll and a Smear for my trouble

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Because reading comprehension is a lost art A strange, nonsensical attack comment was left on the Doubling Down post. I responded in the comments but would like to use this opportunity to illustrate the sort of thing I was speaking of when it comes to leftist attacks. It’s all conjecture, projection, and nonsense. It also appears to be copied and… Read more »

Twitter Sucks, Vigilante Justice, and more

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Every day, I’m more glad to stay away from Twitter. Maybe we should get together and launch a Twitter for grown ups? Either the government handles problems, or the people will. A link from Insty which reinforces the mantra: Immigration is rape culture. The Truth Hurts when it comes to making money online. There are two types of people making… Read more »

Trump, Pervert Cops, Winning, Trust, and more.

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The difference between lying and being wrong, in regards to Trump Doesn’t break my heart to see a disturbing cop off himself rather than face arrest. We’re winning, and that’s the 96th post Unc has named that — so we’re doing pretty good on the gun front… Quote of the day, regarding trusting the government. Creating Offensive Characters Watch out… Read more »

Envy, Islam’s Aims, Fear and Vision, Bankrupt Democrats, and more.

… Must be nice … , or, people envy the results but not the work that goes into them. The Real Aim of Islam. Face your Fear, live your Vision. The Democrats aren’t just morally bankrupt. Yeah, Obama’s policies and the feelings toward them have sure paid off. If you don’t know who Tibor Rubin was, you need to. via… Read more »

Drive-By Blogging

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Florida: Gatorcops! More reason not to support the ACLU… Legal case aside, be careful with your genitals. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree… Yikes — SJWs vs China. Speaking of Yikes…! A Hell of a swipe at Merkel. If you only read one link all week: Real Talk on Donald Trump and Real Americans.