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Whenever I Go

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I take off just over ten days and the world goes bananas… Loser terrorists attack, two unfunny liberal hacks in trouble, and Trump turns from moron to Bond villain in the eyes of the left in one fell swoop. It wasn’t that long ago that we were all appalled by terrorism in the UK; now we’re all appalled again. Once… Read more »

A Glorious Start to the Week:

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First of all, two wannabe terrorists got put down. Then, Prenda Law got handed their asses again. Then, the radical feminists Joss Whedon allied himself with chased him off Twitter. Sir Whedon bravely ran away, ran away. And finally, Arthur Chu is getting his, albeit in some small, non-fatal doses. Perhaps the rage spiral he’s going to go in over… Read more »

Do Yourself a Favor

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If there’s something you can do ahead of time, do it. That way you don’t end up like me, struggling to keep up while suffering from severe allergies. So far nothing over the counter is really helping for any length of time. It is not the most motivating way to start the week.

A Simple Cigars and Legs Recipe

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Butter, in a pan. A pound of ground meat (tried three types so far with great success: turkey, chicken, beef, all depending on how it looks/price). Bell pepper. Chopped to your own preferred size. Half a red onion. Chopped to your own preferred size. A bit of minced garlic. Spices: Paprika, garlic salt if you need more garlic, cayenne pepper,… Read more »