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Game of Thrones: The Predictions and the Wolf.

As is standard practice: Spoilers for the latest episode. Wow. While I wouldn’t say the finale was perfect, the end of the seventh season was certainly interesting. “He needs to know the truth about himself.” Let’s start from the start: The Dragonpit/King’s Landing: The lead up to this scene was a nice reminder of which characters were buds with which,… Read more »

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Predictions

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Spoilers, spoilers, toil and trouble… Recap of episode six: The North: We got a lot of great dialogue between the fellowship of the wight, including some particularly funny moments between the Hound and Tormund, and Tormund and Gendry. We also learned that horses and people aren’t all Walkers can revive when a polar bear ruined Thoros’ buzz. This all led… Read more »

Game of Thrones: Eastrecap.

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AS ALWAYS: Spoilers for the previous episode. Let me start with… The Citadel: Nothing that happened in this scene, and possibly the episode, matters more than what came out of Gilly’s mouth: “…granted an annulment to Prince Ragger and married him to another…” I’m assuming “Ragger” is her mispronouncing Rhaegar since she’s learning to read. Uh. If Rhaegar was legitimately… Read more »

Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Recap

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As always, SPOILERS BELOW. All right, we’re almost halfway through the season, and here’s where we are: The North (as in, King in Da): Sansa is handling things well while Jon is on vacation, and she met up with Bran again. I knew there wouldn’t be two Stark reunions in one episode. Bran weirded her out by knowing stuff, but… Read more »

Game of Recaps/Predictions: Dragonstone

Spoilers below for the first episode of season 7, Dragonstone. Just a quick recap of the first episode, and then I’ll put in some updated predictions: – The cold open with the Freys was excellent. I did not realize the show would have that many Freys. There was just an acre of them. And they all deserved every second of… Read more »

The Return of Game of Thrones: Season 7 Predictions

Having re-watched the first six seasons over the course of several months, in bits and pieces, and also having viewed the preview material provided by HBO, and attempting to understand the way D&D and GRRM might play the story out, I’m ready to make some predictions! We’ll go by region, as before: Essos: I’ll be surprised if we see much… Read more »

A Tale of Two Films

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Here we go again Compare: Several critics (and several more SJWs) have complained about Suicide Squad. It’s been called all manner of names. To be upfront, I have not seen it and have little interest in doing so (especially at a theater), and so my thoughts are limited to the reaction. It’s been pretty negative. Nobody involved in the movie… Read more »