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A Tale of Two Films

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Here we go again Compare: Several critics (and several more SJWs) have complained about Suicide Squad. It’s been called all manner of names. To be upfront, I have not seen it and have little interest in doing so (especially at a theater), and so my thoughts are limited to the reaction. It’s been pretty negative. Nobody involved in the movie… Read more »

Game of Bastards

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Boy that was intense. This season has been a sine wave. We started with some pretty good episodes and then the middle was down. Now we’re definitely back up and the show is going to have to pull some tricks to make episode ten better than episode nine. Here we go:

Game of No One

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A Man is amused We’ll start in the North and work out way down through the kingdom as I understand the geography: The North: Crickets. The Riverlands: A surprisingly powerful set of scenes without any real on screen violence. Brienne and Jaime had a touching moment, and Jaime once again showed that he is much more interesting away from Cersei…. Read more »

Trump Wrestling Federation!

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The following program is a parody. Any resemblance of characters contained below is purely intentional humor. As the camera pans over the crowd — which is yuuuge and going wild, it eventually settles on the ring. Standard wrestling ring but with red, white, and blue ropes and turnbuckle pads. One Donald J. Trump stands in center ring, holding a microphone,… Read more »