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Review: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again by Mike Cernovich

MAGA Cover

I’m going to jump right into this one: everyone should read this book. Buy it here: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again Mike Cernovich’s latest hit this week, and it’s a great romp through the rise of Trump and the movement behind him: from the reasons why he’s doing well with certain groups, to a surgical take-down of… Read more »

Advocating Violence To Suppress Non-Violent Behavior

A Fool’s Journey Let’s allow for all the negative behaviors ascribed to Trump and his supporters for this discussion: They are violent reactionaries, they support a racist man, and he is the next Hitler. Presume those are true for the duration of the post. Many pundits have said the Trump supporters deserve or incite the violence they face. This is… Read more »

Treating Traitors and Collaborators Harshly

It is built into us. Without delving too much into politics, there has been a hell of a blow-back lately on many popular figures and their supporters on both sides of the aisle, typically coming from people on that same side. On the right this dust-up has been mostly centered around the term “cuckservative” — the people using it are… Read more »

Earning, Receiving, and Lucking Into

I hate being told I’m lucky. I saw something tweeted out by a political wonk about the greatness of America and how “white people” take credit for it because they were “treated preferentially.” Not even sure what set him off, doesn’t matter, but this struck a nerve with me outside of the political implications: there is a fundamental misunderstanding of… Read more »

The Difference Between Poor and Trash

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Like my dick, the gulf is wide but not seen by many (Note: This is a long post covering a variety of connected topics; bring a snack) Every election year and often during any sports season the same tired tropes get regurgitated by the same tired turds. People on opposite sides stand in a line like a Revolutionary war battle… Read more »

Teachers, Privacy, Nude Pictures, Oh My

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I’ll never get tired of that reference By now most people have heard of the teacher in South Carolina who was fired when a student stole her phone, found private photographs, and distributed them. This led to her losing her job despite having done nothing illegal or even immoral (by any sane standard) and actually being the victim of a… Read more »

Hollywood Hates Women

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Their war has to stop. In our current culture saying that a group or industry is waging war on a disadvantaged subset of the population is all the rage, because war is one of those words that we recognize on a near instinctual level. It isn’t meant in the literal fashion and has been abused and degraded in seriousness. But… Read more »

Populism, Nationalism, Conservatism, Oh My

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Do you even know what words are? There has been an interesting development among the speakers from the Republican party, from bloggers to radio hosts to columnists and talking heads. Recently they discovered something (well, two things, but we’ll start with one): The Republican Party is supposedly the conservative party in the United States, and we should stand for that!… Read more »