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Populism, Nationalism, Conservatism, Oh My

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Do you even know what words are? There has been an interesting development among the speakers from the Republican party, from bloggers to radio hosts to columnists and talking heads. Recently they discovered something (well, two things, but we’ll start with one): The Republican Party is supposedly the conservative party in the United States, and we should stand for that!… Read more »

The Cost of the High Road

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Staying above the fray ain’t cheap A common refrain among so-called moderates and those hesitant to strike hard and fast against their enemies is something along the lines of, “we have to be better than them.” The idea is to behave better and engage in soft tactics, taking the moral victory even if the real victory slips from their fingers…. Read more »


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You must find it In the popular culture people often make jokes about going to their “happy place” when something is upsetting or boring. While that is not the way to handle an upsetting or boring situation — you should always be in the present, and aware of what is going on for your own well-being — there is a… Read more »

Two Americas

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The year is 2030… after a disastrous 2016 election in which widespread fraud caused rioting and fighting in the streets, America spent the better part of the next eight years splitting in two, largely along the lines of the 2012 and 2016 county elections: In places where counties (mostly blue) are surrounded entirely there has been migration toward nearby population… Read more »

Doubt Government, Question Authority

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A Philosophical Doubt Often my take on government and policy boils down to an inherit distrust of the government and any authority figures. Even when there is a figure I support or agree with any attempt to expand the purview of the federal government is met with a default “no.” State government is a little different but still not trusted… Read more »

Social Justice Smackdown

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Read the whole thing. From beginning to end: I could forgive that too if you weren’t all hypocrites and liars. Your treatment of women and minority dissenters is appalling; if they don’t want you acting on their behalf, that’s their choice, not “internalized patriarchy” or whatever. You rob them of moral agency. When called out for these behaviors (as you… Read more »

Compromise is for Pussies and Idiots

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So which are you? Whenever there are two sides to an issue, reasonable people will agree to some sort of compromise. Despite my heavy handed title, this is perfectly acceptable — when both parties are reasonable. If you are dealing with an unruly child, there is no compromise — they simply must stop screaming and drawing on the wall with… Read more »