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Truth in the Fog of Media The media over the last two days has been a hilarious, screeching ball of nutbags. They’ve been giving extra time to Clinton surrogates and now, after mocking Trump for his conspiracy theories, they are engaged in their own. Here’s what we know: – Hillary used a private e-mail server. This violated at the very… Read more »

A New Wind

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Trump is going to win, and here’s why: – “Crowd size doesn’t matter” wasn’t true eight years ago. Trump has a ton of people showing up everywhere he goes. Pence draws bigger crowds than Hillary and Kaine combined. – “Yard signs don’t matter” wasn’t true eight years ago. These two combined show a ton of enthusiasm for Trump: that wasn’t… Read more »

The System

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You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see it Let’s leave aside Donald Trump and claims of rigged elections for this discussion, and talk about the heart of why people believe it when he makes that claim. When was the last time a great number of people actually liked the candidates for president? I don’t mean their own… Read more »

Trump Tape & Debate Thoughts

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Buckle Up Before I talk about the debate, I want to address the Trump Tape. Briefly: the dude went on Howard Stern many times, as a private citizen, and spoke of all sorts of sexual stuff. This should surprise nobody, and the pearl-clutching, moralistic hypocrites and pantywaists in Never Trump ought to very well be ashamed of their stupid behavior…. Read more »

Debate One

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The coverage during the post-debate haze has been interesting to say the least. Trump people who feel the man lost, feel he lost because he pulled too many punches. Clinton people feel he didn’t pull enough and came across like a wild man. The media thinks the media are all quite handsome and wise. On the one hand, I don’t… Read more »

Quick Hits: “White People”, the NFL, Skittles

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Oh boy I’ll start with skittles. Apparently this analogy angers the crap out of progessional victims, thin-skinned morons, and the press. But I repeat myself. I’m sure it also touches on victim blaming somehow. But look: if you know something has a risk, you minimize that risk. I know that bullets come out of my gun so I don’t look… Read more »


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Who you callin’ deplorable? This week has been long, and it’s only Tuesday. I might be a bit short. I might be a bit acidic — I might channel the ol’ Acidman. Because this is some bullshit. It’s no coincidence that within a week of Clinton saying that around thirty-million Americans are deplorable (or, belong in a basket thereof) —… Read more »

What Hillary Will Do

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Imagine: We already know that Hillary is the third Obama term. She will continue what he has started. This means, in no specific order: – Further mid-east adventurism, spilling blood and spending treasure with no clear goals. – Further degrading our relationship with Russia. Funny how four years ago Russia was no big threat when Romney brought them up, but… Read more »

Rain, Rain, Go Away (And Health, and Taxes)

Ugh There’s been more rain lately than articles on CNN and WaPo about how crazy we are to wonder about Hillary’s health. Fortunately my area has not flooded, but I feel for the folks in neighboring Louisiana. It was a good move for Hillary to visit them over the last we- oh, she didn’t? She went to a Hollywood fundraiser?… Read more »

DNC E-Mail Leaks

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I wanted to take a few days to let the information settle and see how the Convention started before commenting on the DNC’s leaked e-mails. I have a few thoughts: It won’t impact the election. While people are rightly outraged and Bernie supporters are swearing up and down they won’t vote for Hillary — this won’t make a dent in… Read more »