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Trump Wrestling Federation!

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The following program is a parody. Any resemblance of characters contained below is purely intentional humor. As the camera pans over the crowd — which is yuuuge and going wild, it eventually settles on the ring. Standard wrestling ring but with red, white, and blue ropes and turnbuckle pads. One Donald J. Trump stands in center ring, holding a microphone,… Read more »

History May Be Made: Sports Update

Because Politicians Aren’t The Only People Entertaining Us On Behalf of Millionaires Clunky sub-title/gag line there. Here’s the run down: Second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs are under way, and my bracket is totally busted on one side. The NHL has a joke of a referee squad and a joke of a disciplinary committee (still better than the NFL),… Read more »

Sports: Stanley Cup round two, Tom Brady, and more.

Politics can wait. Depending on how the Ducks/Predators game goes tomorrow night, I will either have been right about all but one series (I had chosen the Panthers to beat the Islanders), or right about all but two. If the Ducks lose, four of the final eight teams will have never won the Stanley Cup: Predators, Capitals, Sharks, and Blues…. Read more »

Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Something different Washington has home ice advantage throughout playoffs, and I expect that’ll pay off handsomely for them this time around. The team, the coach, it all seems to have come together. I see them beating Philly in 6 games — as good as Washington is, Philly is playing hot right now and Washington coasted in. Pittsburgh is also playing… Read more »

Two Things Everyone is Getting Wrong about Ray Rice

I’ve spent more time than I should reading comments from random internet users about Ray Rice, and there are two things that most of them are getting wrong: 1. “How did the NJ DA let him get away!!” Because the victim in this case wasn’t cooperating with the prosecution. Assuming NJs laws are like most places, then she can decline… Read more »

First Round Hockey Predictions — Not Looking So Hot… in two spots.

Picked the Bruins over Detroit — still looks likely. Picked Tampa over Montreal. SHEESH… they might get swept tonight. Picked New York over Philly. Looks good. Picked Pittsburgh over Columbus — woo woo… Anaheim over Dallas — still feeling okay… San Jose over Los Angeles. Feel good about this one. Chicago over St. Louis — this is the second one… Read more »

The Washington Capitals should fire Thomas Wilson.

I’ve honestly not been paying too close attention to hockey. The games are hard to find on TV, the TV product is kind of annoying lately, and the regular season is long. With everything else going on (knee surgery, Bendy’s upcoming surgery, knee recovery…) I’ve just been out of the loop. Tonight, I happened to notice the Washington/Philly game —… Read more »

Winless and Lossless

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I was wrong about one. Just one: The Bucs couldn’t get their first win. Denver lost, Kansas won, Jags lost, Giants won. We are now down to two winless teams and one undefeated team. That brings my total (not counting my previous unreported perfection) to 29/40. Not bad, I’m almost batting .750. So this week there are three possible games:… Read more »