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Pornography Poisons Men, Lowers Testosterone, and Causes Mental Illness

An Unintentional Detriment to Masculinity, Mental Health, and General Well-Being (Note: This post is very long. By reading it, you are going to learn things you may not want to know about me. I’m writing it not to be an exhibitionist, but to hopefully help other men deal with, or avoid, the mistakes I have made. I am laying out… Read more »

7 Ways to make me AVOID your Site — #3 will SHOCK you!!

There is a generation of people I really feel for when it comes to the web: those a few years younger than me and any after them. Way back when the most annoying thing a webpage could do was use pop-ups (and a few had oddly unkillable popups), or use the evil known as frames. The latter of which I… Read more »

PSA: Be Prepared to Ditch Twitter

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Earlier today Mike Cernovich was temporarily suspended from Twitter, for posting/criticizing a crime-selfie/staged picture (not sure which yet) — one that had already been posted to Twitter. The usual suspects were behind the suspension. Don’t rely on Twitter or any platform you don’t control. Build up a platform outside of Twitter/Facebook/Youtube. Spread yourself out. Don’t get pinned down. That’s what… Read more »

A GamerGate Update — The Gaming Media DID Coordinate to Squash it.

I quit reading Ars Technica because of the stink surrounding their coverage of Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest game, and the way they did it in the midst of the scandal and completely avoided any mention of it. Well, it turns out it was reviewed because of the scandal: Kyle Orland was part of a group that coordinated to keep down… Read more »