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NNWM Ultimate

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Well, I did not finish before Monday. I did, however, finish on Monday. Great success. A winner is me. And as if to prove that success is a breeder of success, after I finished with the competition, I had a great idea tying together several smaller ideas I’ve worked on.

NNWM Update 2

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After catching up almost completely — within a few thousand words — I fell behind again; however, the days off let me come up with a new direction for something, and now I am less than four thousand words behind. At my current pace, I will be caught up by the end of the week. Hopefully next update, I will… Read more »

NNWM — Update 1

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I started the day at just over 50% of where I needed to be — which put me just over 5,000 words behind less than ten days in. Ick. So my updating will be brief. I think I need to avoid the news and such and use that time to be more productive.

A Good Day

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It’s Tuesday, and I spent all of last week at work in the pacing-tiger mood. I knew I was going to be off next week, so getting to the last weekend between me and the vacation time felt like I was in a cage. This week started off a little different; I know it’s coming, and the weather is cool… Read more »

A Profitable Day

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Taking today off has turned out to be an excellent decision. In addition to getting a few annoying bits of work out of the way, I’ve also managed to write close to 3600 words — and it’s only just after 2. That’s nowhere near my record (I believe in writing the end of Prisoners of Sorcery, I approached twelve thousand… Read more »

Idiots, Evil Geniuses, And Protagonists

It’s become somewhat clear to me over the course of several years that there are a great deal of people writing fiction of all sorts without any idea whatsoever how to take care of themselves. A lot of “horror” or survival type scenarios put forth idiot characters as the main characters. Not only are they woefully unprepared but they’re almost… Read more »

Boots, Dames, and Skies: The Red, White, and Blue Collection

After the Blue Skies Fall, I’ve decided to throw everything together into one big collection: Boots, Dames, and Skies: The Red, White, and Blue Collection (Cigars and Legs Book 5) Ron Cavanaugh flew a fighter over Korea, took shrapnel, and then spent time recovering in England. He thought coming home would be a break from the violence. Until he found… Read more »