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Review: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again by Mike Cernovich

MAGA Cover

I’m going to jump right into this one: everyone should read this book. Buy it here: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again Mike Cernovich’s latest hit this week, and it’s a great romp through the rise of Trump and the movement behind him: from the reasons why he’s doing well with certain groups, to a surgical take-down of… Read more »

Always Bet On Yourself

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Merry Christmas I haven’t written about it much here, but in my younger days I was a big fan of professional wrestling. This was during the height of its popularity in the nineties, a time when there were more superstars than ever before (or since, if you ask me). There were still a lot of problems with it but overall… Read more »

Twenty One Points.

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I am swapping Sex for the Five Point To Do List; the former is frequent enough it’s a “gimme” point and doesn’t seem like a fair challenge. My three quarterly goals (and the quarter ends at the end of September!) are to: – Get the blogs in order. – Publish the third Sword of Nalin Book. – Write the next… Read more »

First Fall Day

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I’m not sure how long it is going to last but today had that wisp of fall in the air that generally signifies the turning of the season. It’s cold in the mornings, cold in the evenings, and all around pleasant. There’s a certain smell that comes with it, too. It’s the smell of fall, the smell of colder air…. Read more »