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August Status Update

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Here We Go Books The next Cigars and Legs collection is off to the proofreader. After that, barring any major problems, it’s just minor fixes and cover time. Other than Cigars and Legs I’ve mostly focused on a new series. They won’t be books but I am toying with the idea of doing a chapter-a-week (or month) web-series. Reviews I… Read more »

Trump Wrestling Federation!

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The following program is a parody. Any resemblance of characters contained below is purely intentional humor. As the camera pans over the crowd — which is yuuuge and going wild, it eventually settles on the ring. Standard wrestling ring but with red, white, and blue ropes and turnbuckle pads. One Donald J. Trump stands in center ring, holding a microphone,… Read more »

Write the crap out

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Sometimes, you just have to run with it The last few days I’ve written a large number of words I don’t particularly care for. Why? Because sometimes you have to. This is stuff I’ll never publish, never show anyone. But it’s covering a lot of ground with ideas I have, things I want to write, but things that aren’t really… Read more »

Always Bet On Yourself

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Merry Christmas I haven’t written about it much here, but in my younger days I was a big fan of professional wrestling. This was during the height of its popularity in the nineties, a time when there were more superstars than ever before (or since, if you ask me). There were still a lot of problems with it but overall… Read more »

Prisoners of Sorcery free for Christmas:

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Starting today, ending the day after Christmas: Prisoners of Sorcery free! The trap shut without warning. After laying low and working toward a plan to get themselves out of the situation they found themselves in during the events of The Five, Aiden and his friends were scooped up by a vile sorcerer. Split up and put into a maze-like dungeon… Read more »

Penultimate NNWM Update

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Wow, taking a week off during NNWM is near disastrous. After getting well behind even having a shot at finishing, I’ve made great strides toward catching up. Beating my best time isn’t going to happen, but that’s a goal for the future. I do enjoy what I’m writing. Assuming I don’t write anything after this post, I will need to… Read more »