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Prisoners of Sorcery free for Christmas:

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Starting today, ending the day after Christmas: Prisoners of Sorcery free! The trap shut without warning. After laying low and working toward a plan to get themselves out of the situation they found themselves in during the events of The Five, Aiden and his friends were scooped up by a vile sorcerer. Split up and put into a maze-like dungeon… Read more »


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Nothing Personal. ATF targets mentally challenged — so, themselves? (Yeah you get jokes like that when you give guns to MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. Even BOYD CROWDER isn’t that crazy.) Tar, feathers, asshole cop — some assembly required. I’ll be honest, I’m linking to this for the picture at the top. Classic. Best book title ever. A wake up call. And… Read more »

Links, Links Baby.

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Hot-shaming at a gym. Not a skanky outfit, or anything, and she’s maybe a 7; what kind of Diet Coke snorting mongrels were intimidated? ATF slapped down. Hopefully the first of many times. (The ATFs guns are responsible for more deaths than the guns of everyone I know.) For a time machine and a few grand… How Coleco Scored Donkey… Read more »

Friday Linking

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This crazy bat does not want a return to “might is right”. Because she and her behavior trigger me, and if that makes assault acceptable… You should not be allowed to review a product you haven’t used. But, but… layers of oversight bloggers don’t have! Ravenwood is back! We must make girlz powerz gamez. This is pure stupid; make what… Read more »

Links, Links, Links, get your links…

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Full docket today in celebration of the death of Fred Phelps. George Takai may be taking the high road, but that man was a dickwad and the world is better off without him. Speaking of, Why Women and Gays should not be allowed in male safe space. I agree — if heterosexual men want to chill with other heterosexual men,… Read more »

A Guarantee

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For the first time in my adult life, people can now read a novel I’ve written. It isn’t very long, compared to some of the things I’ve written. It doesn’t have a cover designed by a professional. My wife and I worked on it with a digital camera and the GNU Image Manipulation Program. I like it; it matches up… Read more »