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August Status Update

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Here We Go Books The next Cigars and Legs collection is off to the proofreader. After that, barring any major problems, it’s just minor fixes and cover time. Other than Cigars and Legs I’ve mostly focused on a new series. They won’t be books but I am toying with the idea of doing a chapter-a-week (or month) web-series. Reviews I… Read more »

A New Year

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The main point of the calendar year seems to be to make resolutions one won’t keep every December and to mark off what dates we pay taxes off of. The rest of our lives revolve around personal dates: birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays we make important. The financial sector uses a different year — October to September. All any calendar really… Read more »

Back Home

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I’ve moved back (again), after solidifying my plan: Cigars and Legs is going to become a storefront, solely for the purpose of promoting and pushing the books. This page will be my blog (again). It started that way many years ago (unfortunately I have lost many of the posts), and it seems right. The every-Tuesday posting schedule is going to… Read more »

Stay tuned…

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Big changes coming… – I’m going to set up a storefront as books come out of the Kindle exclusivity. – I’m going to consolidate and finalize which blog is what… – I’m going to work on the appearance of the blog.

FitJuice Affiliate Link

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I’m also going to add this to the side bar: I highly recommend Fit Juice and have been reading it for a long time. Before I got bogged down with some stupid personal issues and let my knee depression throw me into a funk, I was juicing every day with a slightly modified version of his Real V8 juice. I… Read more »

Back home

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After spending a few months trying to decide how to play it with this site, I’m moving back here with all that I say — everything I was saving for the other site. For a while I was considering having this site be the public face of my writing, and only my writing, and then over there all my bold,… Read more »

Wandering Off

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Note: If you’re reading this from Twitter, and you notice someone else on Twitter wondering where I am, kindly point them this way. This is in the unlikely event that anyone gives a shit. Comments aren’t closed but I get so much spam and ignore it they might as well be. I have noticed that I have failed to meet… Read more »

Interesting Times…

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Cigars and Legs is on pause for a small amount of time. – We are currently in the midst of getting real covers for the books. I’ll post them here when they are ready. – I’m reformatting the ebooks to include a table of contents and other things that should have been there to start with. This is some kind… Read more »