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Entertainment Should Be Entertaining

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It’s a strange world when this post has to be written, but that’s where we are. The venues in which a person seeks and gains entertainment should be that: entertainment. A great number of avenues for entertainment are currently being run by people with other aims, people with agendas other than to entertain. People who think message fiction is more… Read more »

Grilling and Gridiron

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Ah, the grill and the gridiron. I’ve made no secret of my enjoyment of cooking. I don’t really go with recipes as anything more than basic guidelines, but enjoy taking those basic guidelines and going off in my own direction. Creating something new, combining flavors to get just the right taste, and improving on the recipes every time. There’s something… Read more »

Halestorm’s Apocalyptic is… Red Pill, to say the least.

I’m just going to quote the lyrics and offer a few short thoughts: I wear my nine-inch heels when we go to bed I paint the color of my lips blood red I get so animal like never before Presenting, making herself up the way he wants her to (personally, nine-inch heels sound stupid, but whatever), implied roughness (“so animal”)…. Read more »

Books For Sale!

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Paperbacks are pending…: Cigars and Legs The Boots Are Red — Ebook, Paperback on Amazon, The Boots Come Off — Ebook, Paperback on Amazon, The White Dames — Ebook, Paperback on Amazon, Sword of Nalin The Five — Ebook, Paperback on Amazon, Prisoners of Sorcery — Ebook, Paperback at Amazon, Paperback at CreateSpace!

Links, Links, Links, get your links…

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Full docket today in celebration of the death of Fred Phelps. George Takai may be taking the high road, but that man was a dickwad and the world is better off without him. Speaking of, Why Women and Gays should not be allowed in male safe space. I agree — if heterosexual men want to chill with other heterosexual men,… Read more »