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The Million Words of Fiction Year

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My goal this year is pretty high: A million words of fiction, in twelve months. That’s just under 85,000 words a month, or dangerously close to two NNWMs. In true fashion, I’m already behind. But the goal is possible until December 31st. Hopefully by January 31st, I’ll actually get to 85,000 words — and 170k by the end of February…… Read more »

Merry Christmas Sale!

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The White Dames — free Christmas through the full five days. The Boots Are Red — On sale using the new scaling deals Amazon offers. The Boots Come Off — On sale as well. The Five — also on sale. All through the full length of what Amazon will allow. Give me a read; give me a review!

Writing Everywhere

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One thing that has helped me lately with hitting my goals: Writing everywhere. I’ve always carried a notepad with me, small and pocket sized — and I’ve used it for notes I think up. But not a whole lot of writing related stuff. Until lately. Now, I’m sketching out fictional crime scenes. I’m writing notes, thoughts — thoughts from the… Read more »

The Last Cigar

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Unedited: Chapter One I stood under an oak tree in the cemetary, the smoke of my cigar rising up all around me. Everyone else had left, going to the dinner at my parents, or to go about their Saturday. But I stayed, with my brother, smoking one last cigar with him. I looked over at his headstone. Twenty-two, top of… Read more »

Book 3

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After a few starts and restarts, work is under way on Book 3 of Cigars and Legs. It is as of yet untitled. There was going to be a different book between 2 and 3, but I did not feel that it was going to be interesting enough to finish writing, let alone asking people to read it. Book 3… Read more »