Check your humidor! Take care of your cigars (and her legs)!

Look, it’s getting colder. You’re running your heater. The air is dry anyway. Check your humidor!

Maybe even top it off with some PG solution. A bit of distilled water. Check for air leaks. Fill it with a few good cigars, too. It’s going to be cold, and a nice, burning cigar will help.

Her legs require care, too. Constant attention, especially in the cold. They require warmth. They require more care than simple cigars.

Now, as to winter cigars: It’s dark, it’s cold. So you’re likely going to sport a dark beer, or a darker scotch. This calls for one of two strategies: Try to match with a dark maduro, or try to offset, with a lighter claro. I’d advise: BOTH!

The Starks aren’t wrong. Winter is coming. And it’s a long winter. Variety is the spice of life (which makes those samplers Sam Adams put out awesome). Use the warmth of a cigar as an excuse to figure out which ones you like the most. Claro (all the intricate varieties), maduro, oscuro, even candela (the green ones)! Why not?

Thanksgiving definitely calls for something dark. Try an Excalibur Dark Knight after the turkey, with a bourbon — Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, for example. Or a light Scotch — the Macallan 10, or the Glenmorangie, or… it goes on and on. You can also indulge in a little red wine.

Christmas needs a lighter claro. A Montecristo, or a Fonseca. With the Glenmorangie or Macallan aged in sherry casks. Or a light red wine — something sweet, but not too sweet. A Cabernet, maybe, but not a Shiraz.

But above all: Inspect your cigar box, and inspect her legs! Make sure they’re all getting the care they need.

And stock up on whisky — it’s good for the cold. (But drink and smoke and leg responsibly.)