Cigars, Legs, and Fajitas

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So you’ve spent the day cutting grass and proof reading your own book, all the while chewing on some nice cigars. What do you do?

You cook awesome fajitas:

– A pair of large breasts.
– A pair of large chicken breasts.
– At least two jalapeno peppers.
– At least two large, green, less spicy peppers.
– A combination of other colors of bell pepper: yellow, red, and orange.
– Enough onion to go with.

Chop the meat and vegetables, fondle the breasts. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and slather in olive oil (to the food, not the breasts). Cook until everything is done to your own preference.

Put this on a tortilla.

This is how I spent the day.

Book 3, likely a novella*, will be out in a few weeks!

*I’m not going to add words to make it longer, just for the sake of it. I’m trying to skip the stuff you want to skip.