Conventional Wisdom and Scared Leftists.

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Still Not Playing Nice.

First, let’s look at the scared leftists. This is the shorter bit of the post:

Leftists right now are shrieking with rage, anger, and fear all across social media and occasionally traditional media. Reports are that various groups are “afraid.” There is a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth going on, and I’d like to address it briefly:

“I’ve got a pen and a phone.” — Barack Obama.
“I won. Get over it.” — Barack Obama.
“Elections have consequences.” — many leftists.

Fast & Furious.
The IRS Scandal.

All of these things are examples of bad shit that happened on your watch, examples of your people being dicks at best. Abuses of power. And this is just a few. You know why you’re so afraid right now? Afraid of the power just gifted to Trump and the Republicans?

Because you abused it when you had it.

Goose. Gander.

Now, on to the conventional wisdom, which turns out to be very unwise.

Trump wasn’t going to win the nomination. Hell, not a debate.

No chance at the presidency.

Senate is going to flip, most likely, and the house is possible!

Well, maybe not the house. Maybe the Senate tie will be broken by Kaine.

Maybe Trump won’t lose in a landslide.

All through the cycle people have staked their reputations on Trump underperforming. And all through the cycle those people have lost.

If you take away from this election that it was about racism, or sexism, or xenophobia, then you’re beyond help. You are so far in your bubble that you don’t see the real concerns of real American people — your fellow citizens.

– 94 million out of the job market.
– Crushing student debt.
– Crushing regulation.
– Politics as usual.
– Border security. Let me say that again.
BORDER SECURITY. Can you hear us now?
– Not meddling in every tinpot dictatorship in the Mid East, and leaving once it gets tough, letting evil form in the power vacuum.
– The right to keep and bear arms.
– Crushing healthcare premiums rising, despite media reports.

See all that stuff? That stuff actually impacts people, or worries them. When American children are dying or being sexually assaulted by illegal aliens, then maybe the concern is real for people who don’t get to live in gated communities.

The odds of an illegal alien drunkenly running over your kid is way higher than the odds Trump will grab anyone other than Melania by the pussy.

Trump said mean things. Sure, we all admit that. Nobody is arguing that he isn’t bombastic.

But people are out of jobs.

People are losing their razor-thin security blankets in the form of savings and retirement.

And the rich just keep getting richer.

So, don’t take away “omg the scary racist sexist xenophobes!” Take away: “Holy shit, rural America is hurting and we’ve ignored it to live in our ivory towers and also, to mock them in our media for decades.”

You guys are lucky mobs with pitchforks, torches, tar, feathers, and rope haven’t come for you. It’s a dangerous game to make fun of someone who is genuinely hurting, and concerned for their kids. Dangerous game.

Maybe try to understand who your fellow countrymen are with open ears and arms.

That’s the other thing — I keep seeing that Trump has to be conciliatory, that he has to heal the divide. When did Obama ever try that? What are the odds Clinton would have? Trump didn’t make this goddamn mess, he just rode the wave of garbage as it fell back on its creators because Americans said “No more.”

House. Senate. White House. Supreme Court (1-4 appointments).

But hey, keep being snarky and dismissive. It sure paid off in 2016 — for my guys.