Dealing with the Weather While Under It.

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Thursday I started to feel a little… off. My throat and chest weren’t so great. I took some over-the-counter stuff to push through the day — thanks, methheads — and made it through. Then I felt a little better on Friday but could tell I was in for some sort of sinus-related body rebellion. This will be the first of this sort all year, coincidentally — but, whatever. Saturday I felt like complete trash and then the storm, Hurricane Nate, was going to be here. So I went about boarding up and tying down.

Slept through the bastard. Never lost power. No damage except a few old fence pickets falling off. Sunday, in the new humidity and heat, I undid all the protections because I knew it’d rain again and didn’t want to deal with storing soggy boards. It’d been sunny all day by the time I got to them — they were dry. I didn’t feel any better, but I didn’t feel any worse.

Yesterday I sort of suffered through the day, but at least I didn’t have to do anything. Not really feeling worse — just, a weird floaty head thing and my voice sounding like a million year old smoker, or someone rubbing rocks together.

Today it was back to work and… better but my voice is worse, in a confusing turn of events.

The best bit is I stuck a note on my office door warning people of the possible bio-hazard inside, so I was mostly left alone all day. That’s… not bad actually. I might see how long I can milk that. I was extremely productive for someone with floating head syndrome.

One thing about being sick, and I’m not sure if it’s the medicines or the illness, but I end up having some crazy ideas for stories. It may be some combination, or because I spend so much time just staring at stuff trying to remember what I was doing.

I have thoughts on the new developments with the NFL/ESPN, and with the Harvey Weinstein story, but nothing I feel comfortable developing into a full post yet. He’s basically a huge douchebag and someone needs to investigate what Hollyweirdos are up to — there are a lot of super rich pricks out there with a lot of access to women and children (and possibly even men) just looking for their big shot or break. And the NFL and Goodell are idiots — as is ESPN.