Debate Thoughts: Statists, Cuckservatives, Losers, Oh My.

Too Many Pricks, Not Enough Balls

Aesthetically speaking there is a ratio of dick to testicles that needs to be maintained to keep the general area from looking comical. Between the two debates last night there is far too much dick and not nearly enough testicular fortitude to go around. There are rabbits that are more ferocious than some of the people put before a national audience last night but that didn’t stop these weaklings from being complete and total pricks for a few hours straight. Here are my thoughts, starting with the Undercard:

Cuckservative Milquetoast

Cuckservative Milquetoast

Lindsay Graham may not be a homosexual but he is definitely a faggot. You should almost never apologize for something you do yourself, much less something another person says. That ridiculous pandering he did made my blood boil. A temporary halt to Muslim immigration isn’t war on Islam you doltish baboon. I don’t let my dog in when his feet are muddy but that doesn’t mean I’ve declared war on canines. We may need to investigate if there is some sort of ancient curse on Washington DC that saps people of their goddamn sense because it seems like the longer a person is in there the less of it they have. It cannot be a coincidence that the word of the day today at is milquetoast.

Santorum and Huckabee may be defending Trump, but that’s just because they want to retain a chance at his favor if he becomes the nominee. There was nothing else of value to take from the undercard debate: None of them have a shot of even being the VP candidate, all they can do is damage themselves and others. The men on that stage should all be downgraded to a debate on public access next time.

The Real Debate

Most of the people at the real debate don’t have a shot, either, but CNN let them play anyway. I think for the next debate candidates should be required to have more support than the margin of error before they are allowed on stage. (Or, simply: top four/five candidates get the main stage. Next four/five get the undercard. No third string.) A lot of these guys were in desperation mode.

The Nosy Statist Brigade was out in full force — Rubio attacking Cruz for opposing the NSA’s spy program, Christie being Christie and fighting with Rand Paul, and Fiorina still kind of pushing her desire to be able to spy on all of our devices. No, thanks. The three of them have disqualified themselves in my view. But then again I don’t support a surveillance/police state. What has any of that surveillance actually accomplished?

Hugh Hewitt is an establishment hack and it showed when he asked Ben Carson if he would be a-okay with killing kids as well as his insistence on giving time to leeches like Kasich and Christie. There is only one establishment candidate with a shot left and that’s Rubio — Bush, Christie, Kasich, and the undercard Statists are just wasting their donors money.

Immigration was a hot topic, of course. Rubio is in desperation mode there, accusing Cruz of some weird scheme to grant amnesty despite being the amnesty poster-boy. He tried to hit him on the H1B expansion which shows that Rubio is tone-deaf on immigration: there is a marked difference between sanctioned immigration and illegal immigration. It’s like the difference between someone you invite to a party and the dirty loser that crashes and drinks all the beer. Rubio, of course, had no real comment on the punishing reform for H1B that Cruz and Sessions introduced — a bill that would level the playing field for American workers and thus will gain no support from the Establishment. They would rather court the rich billionaires that won’t support them anyway like Zuckerberg.

An Anti-Cuckservative Rant

Which brings me to a point where I will now fully embrace the term cuckservative and explain what I mean when I say it (as opposed to what some milquetoast pantywaists will try and say I mean): Jeb Bush is a cuckservative because he is ready to betray his people (conservatives) for a pat on the head from the media, but his brother is also one because he attended a meeting about Trump and was apparently one of the ones who said he would support Hillary Clinton over Trump.

This guy probably thinks Graham won both debates.

This guy probably thinks Graham won both debates.

But the source of cuckservatism is guys like Lindsay Graham, who called his own supporters racist for opposing amnesty for illegal immigration. If the Bush Brothers and Erick Erickson are cuckservative soldier ants, Lindsay Graham is the bloated cuckservative queen laying little cuckservative eggs. And before anyone starts this has nothing to do with race: anyone who associates the word cuckold purely with race has watched far too much “BBC” cuckold porn and is projecting.

This is where a lack of understanding literature is hurting the American public. One of the most well-known characters to have been afraid of being cuckolded was black, in one of the most well-known plays ever written: Othello, the titular character, is led to believe his wife has had an affair. There is a reason Lawrence Fishburne played Othello and it was not Hollywood affirmative action: Othello was described as a “moor.” His cuckold fear had nothing to do with race, but rather his own personal honor as a man.

That’s something the cuckservatives lack: honor, specifically masculine honor. It is a slimy, underhanded, wormy thing to betray your people for a pat on the back from those who won’t embrace you to begin with. The tech billionaires and tech companies are not our allies. They will never be. These people support a vast government to do their bidding and call for higher taxes while hiding their money at every turn. They want to raise taxes on all Americans while abusing the H1B system to lower Americans wages and turn the visa holders into indentured servants. No, thank you, but we don’t need that.

Or these people will flagellate themselves before the media and try to distance themselves from what others say, to avoid an association fallacy attack on their own person. This gives power to the association fallacy that is so often used against conservatives. Just because some people are conservative and also crazy does not mean we should paint all conservatives that way, nor should we give power to those who would. When you go out of your way to shiv us for kudos from the media or Democrats you are a cuckservative. They will never embrace you — they will use you until it is time to destroy you.

See 2008 and 2012 presidential elections for reference. During both primary seasons the media took it easy on their preferred Republican candidates in John McCain and Mitt Romney. They played up how electable the men were. They dismissed their opponents and courted their favor. But that media love fest ended the moment the nomination was secured. Remember Candy Crowley intentionally lying during a debate to handicap Romney? I do.

Seeking adulation and praise from the serpent that will strike you is a foolish endeavor. That is a cuckservative. Where does race play into that?

When you start playing the race card against conservatives and libertarians because we don’t support your big-government scheme or your betrayal of our principles you permanently lose us. We’ve put up with enough and now we’re fighting back. Do some racists use the term? Absolutely. But some lunatic fringe groups use the Gadsden flag and I’m not willing to give that up either.

Anyone saying cuckservative is a “racist term” is a cuckservative or liberal.

If you are kind of squishy and moderate and you think this is harsh: wait and see. They will turn on you, too. They always do. The term used to be “RINO” or Republican in Name Only, but that doesn’t work anymore because the Republican party has gone astray. The Establishment Statists in both parties are trying to run the show and at the core of it there isn’t a nickel of difference between them. You think Republican Leaders like McConnell will actually stand up against gun control or unlimited amnesty? You think Paul Ryan would stick his neck out to make the tax system better for Americans? You think a hypothetical Bush presidency would do anything to manage our debt or shrink the bureaucracy?

Not a chance. They will court your vote until the results are in, the same way the media courts the traitors until the primary has ended.

I saw a headline that Granholm, the former governor of Michigan and a Clinton supporter, made the statement that Muslims would be “angry” if they watched the debate. First of all, why would any member of the Republican Party give two squirts of piss what a Democrat governor supporting a Democrat candidate has to say about the Republican nomination process? She is not going to support anyone from that stage. If Clinton dropped out tomorrow Granholm would line up behind Sanders or O’Malley, or they’d recruit Fauxcohontas to run.

Second, there are two types of Muslims: American Muslims and non-citizen American Muslims. If you are outside of America your opinion means absolutely diddly-squat when it comes to our presidential process. This is our game, and your opinion of who we elect means little to nothing regardless of your religion. If you are an American Muslim and you are angry that people called for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration (some pared it down to specific countries) until we can sort out the screening? You probably wouldn’t support the Republican anyway and you are crazy for taking affront to a suggestion for handling non-citizens.

We do not extend our rights and protections to people outside of our territories. If we did, foreigners could buy guns while they are here (second amendment) and they could vote (no chance). While some may do both through various means, they are breaking the law.

My suggestion, however, cannot be called racist: I would halt all immigration, period, until both the job market bounces back and we’ve managed to secure our interests and put a better system in place. It has nothing to do with race or religion because we currently do not have the resources to handle it. We should also send back anyone that is a guest and is currently drawing benefits from the government to help handle the massive number of people on the dole thanks to the Obama economy. Rand Paul isn’t wrong to suggest our national debt is a security threat.

I will never understand the cuckservative/liberal view that helping Americans first is somehow wrong. I feed and clothe my own children first. What is the problem with that? Americans are the ones paying for the government, voting, working to make everything work. When they fall on hard times they should get tended to before we go off meddling in the affairs of other nations.

There is also a strange idea that somehow right leaning folks are opposed to a safety net. This is quite untrue and if anyone pays attention with honest, open ears they will hear that the problem is the abuse of the system. It isn’t race, it isn’t class, it’s purely a problem with abuse. A safety net is something for the performer in the circus who falls. The performer doesn’t stay in the safety net for the whole show. It is a last resort.

Here’s the last bit to this: we on the alternative right (still hate that term) are viewed with unbridled hatred by the mainstream media and liberals. At any policy disagreement we are called a handful of awful names: racist, sexist, homophobic, some other variant of being afraid. We are either hateful or afraid because we have a different opinion. If one person that holds a similar opinion actually is hateful or afraid the media and liberals will attempt to paint us all with that same label.

Fair enough. That’s their game, they’re playing to win.

But when people also on the right — Republicans, conservative, libertarians, supposed Small Government types — join in the cavalcade of smears, then we are betrayed. These are supposed to be our allies. Et tu, Jeb? For years we’ve endured the attacks of the far left and been the shield for the center and right from them — the sacrificial lamb, too. The media demands someone’s head and it’s an alternative right type person that gets offered up. We take all the arrows and lead the charge. But when we are at the gates after a successful siege and our own stab us in the back?

Yeah, we’re going to tell you to go fuck yourself and call you a cuckservative. We’ll sit out elections, we’ll vote for ultra-right wing candidates. Oh, now you are calling us racist, too, because you don’t understand the word cuckold?

Watch how little of a damn we give.

Scut Farkus! What a rotten name! We were trapped. There he stood, between us and the alley. Scut Farkus staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!

This is how they see the alt right.

  • mdelmar

    You’re absolutely correct about Lindsay Graham being a faggot, and I’m very glad that you wrote that.