No Comments on Deplorable

Who you callin’ deplorable?

This week has been long, and it’s only Tuesday. I might be a bit short. I might be a bit acidic — I might channel the ol’ Acidman. Because this is some bullshit.

It’s no coincidence that within a week of Clinton saying that around thirty-million Americans are deplorable (or, belong in a basket thereof) — and then listed all the hateful/fearful descriptors she knows (*ist, *phobic) — that the Huffington Post has a verifiable Chicken Li’l sending the message “vote Democrat or go fuck yourself.”

Because that’s how they look at everyone who disagrees with them.

Look at the headlines across the MSM. “Journalists” like Charles Blow, Dana Milbank, and so many more, are out there talking about this undercurrent of racism. If thirty million Americans were really that racist do you believe for a moment this country would have anything close to the racial harmony it has enjoyed (at least, until Obama and his ilk have done their best to divide us for almost nine years)? Not even close. That’s one out of every ten Americans.

Think about that for a moment — one out of ten is irredeemable, or a quarter of the guestimations for voter numbers based on past elections. Irredeemable. Basket of deplorables. “Go fuck yourself.”

Remember, when Romney (now Sainted by the left, as every Republican is after they lose or leave office) told the truth about the number of tax-paying Americans he never recovered. It was thrown in his face — it was divisive. But Trump has been reaching out, he’s concerned about everyone — including those dirty “coal people” Bill hates so much.

This is the difference between the left/right wings and the nationalist populist movements — the former (and yes, the right unperson the shit out of nationalist populist types) feel that either you vote for/with them, or you’re not a person — you’re irredeemable, deplorable, hateful, fearful. While the NP types want the government to do what is best for every American. Because that’s what nationalistic populism means.

There’s a vast gulf of difference between people within the movement. Not every NP wants the same thing. But right now we move with a fairly unified front — and it should stay that way — because we need to work together before we open up internal debate.

Pence was right not to call Duke deplorable. If he had he would then face calls to clarify which supporters are and are not deplorable, which wins no moderate or wingnut votes and only pisses off the Trump base.

And it’s an endless game. There are plenty of people I don’t always agree with — basically everyone else on the planet on at least SOME issues — but I’ll be damned if I spend my time attacking allies. A difference of opinion or point of view does not make them an unperson. That’s stupid. I won’t even list the areas I disagree with people, except as a part of a policy discussion. A polite one, too — I’m done arguing with people. (But not trolling fuckwits.)

Am I deplorable?

Probably — because I’ll never again vote for a shit-sandwich. If the nominee had been Jeb I’d wish everyone the best and write-in a name, same for most of the other options. This applies at every level: I won’t vote for my two Wingnut Senators again, nor will I vote for party-before-country Republicans at any level. But I damned sure won’t vote for Democrats, either.

You have to be for me to get my vote.

And telling me a huge percent of my fellow Americans are irredeemable monsters is not for me. That’s the type of bullshit Andrew Jackson would go upside a person’s head with a hickory stick for.

It is also not coincidental that most of these deplorable folks happen to be working class whites — because those people tend not to care about the political game or political bullshit. They’re the middle, the independent, undecided voters. That makes them the enemy — and they must be cowed into supporting what the Establishment wants, or the Establishment will unperson them. Racist, sexist, all the hateful disrespect that came out of Hillary’s sick mouth in her safe little rich fundraiser.

The stupid coal people. The stupid rednecks. Y’know, the people who built this country on the sweat of their brow. “We grow your food, assholes.” – Acidman, during the same spat of shit after the 04 election. In response to the “Jesusland” nonsense.

In the immortal words of someone who’d had enough:

Fuck you, and fuck the SUV you rode in on. And fuck anyone who agrees with her — you’re all a bunch of deplorable cunts.