Did Melania Trump Plagiarize?

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If you think that Donald Trump’s wife intentionally cribbed from Michelle Obama, you’re either a moron or an annoying moron. For one, what sort of idiot would she have to be in order to plagiaeiize the First Lady in a speech set to face the scrutiny anything she does will?

Anything anyone named Trump does gets a ton of scrutiny now — moreso over the next few months than at any time in their lives combined. If one of them gets caught on camera picking their nose it’ll be on CNN for days and days.

I don’t know a whole lot about Melania Trump, but I do know she’s not that stupid.

The theory this is some elaborate plan to get the media to talk about the speech doesn’t hold water either. Yeah, that’d be a great move other than where it embarrasses the future First Lady and turns her into an object of ridicule. However, that the theory exists shows how well Trump has played his media enemies like fiddles.

We’re told constantly that “women” is a block vote. “He does poorly with women.” “His positions speak to women.” Why is it inherently impossible that someone might have absorbed the speech of Michelle Obama (which SHE plagiarized as well by this standard), internalized it, and thought, “I like that. That embodies how I feel.”

As a writer, I’ve unintentionally copied stuff that I’ve heard or read. Everyone does (and anyone who pretends their ideas are all 100% original is a liar). There are only like, six stories in the history of the world. It’s just the details that change.

The media is making a huge deal about a handful of sentences, some of which are made up of extremely common sayings. It kind of reminds me of the kids. One of them will do something — say, build a house in Minecraft with a certain color floor. The other will like it and then do it in her Minecraft house. The first, being a child, will brandish the cry of “COPIER!”

“She’s copying me!”

Get over yourselves. Having values isn’t something the Obamas invented. Keeping your word isn’t something new. The fact these concepts are so alien to the press that it seems like an intentional bit of plagiarism shows the depths to which their moral compass has fallen.

Note, too, the rank hypocrisy when Biden, both Michelle and Barack Obama, and countless other liberal figures have been accused of plagiarism. It’s a ridiculous double standard capping off a ridiculous story.