Dinner for two – Cigars and Legs Style

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On occasion, I get the urge to cook something new (to me). A few weeks ago that idea was steak with eggs (from Bold and Determined — he’s a body builder so he takes it a little further than I do, but he’s using every calorie he takes in, too.) I’ve cooked eggs and I’ve cooked steak, but never together.

You will need:
A large cast iron skillet.
Two steaks. I used 3/4 inch rib eyes.
Eggs. I’m fond of what are sometimes labelled organic. What the chickens eat affects the quality of the egg.
Butter. I use Kerrygold butter because it comes from grass fed cows. You are what you eat and so are the livestock.
Black pepper
A woman with nice legs to feed some of this to. This is key.

First step: let the steak soak in… nothing. Buy meat that tastes good on its own. The steaks, while cooking, should be the second best pair you see that night — the first should belong to the aforementioned lady.

Rub it down with black pepper. Cook the steak in the butter. The amount of butter depends on how big your pan is.

Cook the steaks until they are done.
Put the eggs in the skillet.
Cook them until they are done.

Done is whatever your preference is.

I recommend red wine with steak. Merlot is good with steak. You can get good Merlot on the cheap (sub-$20) if you look around and try different brands. The cost of this meal depends on what you have on hand; we always have eggs, butter, pepper, and I usually stock some Merlot in the house. But even if you buy it all outright you’re going to spend less than half what you would at an actual steak house and you get more control over what goes on with your food.

After the meal, there are two courses of action. One involves cigars, one involves legs.