DNC E-Mail Leaks

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I wanted to take a few days to let the information settle and see how the Convention started before commenting on the DNC’s leaked e-mails. I have a few thoughts:

It won’t impact the election. While people are rightly outraged and Bernie supporters are swearing up and down they won’t vote for Hillary — this won’t make a dent in her. The people who really won’t vote for Hillary already weren’t going to. Everyone who is paying attention knew everything in those e-mails already.

The people the most angry about this are the betrayed Bernie supporters. Those people weren’t going to vote for Hillary, in my opinion. His crowd were mostly young, excited voters. Hillary didn’t excite them.

It could impact the election IF… If there are more e-mail leaks, then taken as a whole the controversy could damage Clinton. But it’ll need to be something we don’t already know, something the media can’t ignore. Once you have that even the smallest of these e-mails will be a damning part of the whole.

Hiring DWS was smart. With all the outrage about this hire, that may sound ridiculous. But everyone who sees this the way I do already knew Clinton didn’t care about getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar. The Democrats often flaunt their corruption, but people ignore it. Well, this is just more of the same — and it isn’t going to convince anyone. It may give them the excuse they need (Scott Adams’ “fake because.”) to admit it in public, but they were already voting for Trump or a third party candidate. They just weren’t saying so.

But hiring DWS helps Clinton for one big reason: DWS knows where the bodies are buried. (Not literally, if any of my readers are from Wisconsin or Minnesota.) She’s been the DNC head for some time, she’s been in politics for some time. Hiring her is keeping her mouth shut.

Anyone buying Mook’s line about Putin helping Trump is an idiot. Putin doesn’t like Clinton, and may want to embarrass her, but he is also aware that he can steamroll her a lot better than he could Trump. He’s got a blackmail file on her waist-high, I guarantee it. If he wanted to help Trump Putin would release some of the really juicy stuff he’s keeping close to his vest.

But Putin doesn’t care about that. He cares about what’s best for Russia and his people, and himself. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t help Russia. Period. And we shouldn’t expect anything else. I don’t expect my neighbors to cut my grass. He does what’s in his best interest — and unless and until that becones our business we should let it alone.

Careers will end after the election. The media can’t bring attention to this by firing a host of people, but anyone that is truly damaged will likely “resign” after the election. Or be promoted away from their current responsibilities. If Trump wins they’ll take a lot of the blame as the media begins to look for a scapegoat.

DWS’ political career is over, but don’t be surprised if she ends up with a job at a news network.

The priest murdered in France is bigger news. It may not get more coverage, but what coverage it gets will be damning. Even non-Catholic westerners should be outraged. There will be reprisals. The spiral is getting tighter. There have been a half dozen ISIS-sponsored or inspired attacks in the last few weeks. Each one of these proves Trump’s point.

Actually, each one shows that he doesn’t go far enough. There is no screening for this sort of cultural cancer. Anyone expressing any affinity for these murderous barbarians should be launched into space using a giant catapult and a space-suit with holes in it. Barring that due to expense: bullets are cheap.

The media is going to try to cover for the DNC, they’re going to attempt to say the convention is much better than the Republicans. But the truth is going to get out there. There are more protestors, there’s more strife. The continued attacks by ISIS will eat away at the shield the media puts up.

40+ states will vote for Trump. More if Clinton’s health issues become public knowledge or ISIS has a successful attack in the United States. By October the polls will show a double-digit difference between Trump and Clinton, and it won’t be her ahead.

(Note: I am writing this very early Tuesday morning to post later, so developments may result in updates. I will post them beneath this point to keep my initial analysis intact.)