Don Diego Preludes

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Ah, this was a nice find at a local tobacconist.

I’ve always wanted to try a Don Diego cigar — admittedly, partly because I’m a huge Zorro fan. I’m also always interested in trying smaller cigars even though my typical preference is a Churchill type because I like a long smoke.

These cigars are tiny, at least the ones I got. With a ring gauge of 30 and a length of four inches, we’re not talking about much of a cigar. They came in a pack of ten. I was so interested in them that, on the hour long drive I had later that day I snipped the end off of one and lit up — which meant I was driving windows down!

Now, to start with, the cigars each came individually wrapped in cellophane. The construction of each seems sound, but I’ve only smoked two. They were sound through out, which actually kind of surprised me. These are actual cigars, not the small cigarette-like types I’ve had before from American Made. There’s nothing on the box that indicates if they’re hand rolled or not but I believe they are — and that’s what impresses me, that they are able to make such a well put together small cigar.

The aroma of these sticks is perfect. Not too strong, it didn’t linger in my car or on my person, but it is so pleasant. Some of the best smelling cigars, both before, during, and after lighting them. It goes with a really good taste — light but tasty. The flavor is as good as the smell, and I think that’s a great thing for them.

The size is perfect, too — they’re a little less than an hour smoke, so if I want more than something like an American Made or Dean’s, but less than a full sized cigar, I can get it here.

These are great cigars and they fit a good niche. I can’t say enough good about them!