Don’t Contribute to Twitter.

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I’m going to kickstart an alternative…

As noted by Larry Correia, Twitter is on its last legs, or at least it is if you care about free speech or are to the right of Literally Wu. Wu is, of course, lying to defend the site. Stop giving them clicks, eyeballs, et cetera. I was considering installing a wordpress plugin that would merely post links to my new posts, but no. Even that is too much for Twitter. Try loading Adam Baldwin’s twitter. If that’s not some sort of “ban” I don’t know what is. It’s been like that for far too long for it to be a glitch.

I’ve written out a pretty big post about an alternative social media site that stressed privacy (to prevent DOXing, which the SJW use to silence speech) and free speech (which the SJW hate). We’ll see how it works, but I’ve laid it out pretty good. It needs some polish but I should be able to announce at least a kickstarter over the next few days.