Don’t let your cigars get dry Part 2

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This weekend I have one chore in addition to the yardwork:

I’m going to put all of my cigars (and there are a lot of them) into a cooler-dor of my own making and re-season my humidor. This is something I try to do every so often. When I do this, I’m going to re-season my humidor. The cooler-dor will be made up of:

– A stack of cigars inside a small cooler. I’m pretty much packing them all into a big sack.
– A Pyrex filled with a 50/50 distilled water/propylene glycol solution.

Then in my humidor I will wipe down every surface, including the shelves, with the same solution. I’ll then fill the two credos and the pyrex already in the humidor full.

Once the humidor hits optimum, I’m going to slowly transition the cigars back, and keep an eye on it.