Drive-By Blogging (UPDATED)

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It’s come to this. The answer is, “Yes” because SJWs always lie.

Safe Spaces as a Shield, Safe Spaces as a Sword Part ii. Still not quite getting it right, but he’s starting to maybe see that these people are professional victims.

This Should End Well.

Lions Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinions of Sleep.

Pipe Smoking for Beginners.

You won’t believe this, but someone commenting on gun laws might not know what they’re talking about.

Oceania has never been at war with the Mizzou Football Team.

Forgot two:

The New Intolerance of Student Activism.

Yale Children Throw Tantrum, and:

“A lot of people here on campus, especially people of color, women of color, feel they’re discriminated against or sometimes their voices are not heard,” said Abby Johnson, a Yale senior.