Drive-By Blogging — Echoes Edition

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So titled because some of the things I’ve said recently are echoed in some of the links, proving (to me at least) that I’m either not crazy or, if I am, I’m at least not alone.

First, on the same wavelength as Western Civilization: Love it or Leave it, we have:

The Necessity and Purpose of New Chivalric Orders by Davis MJ Aurini.

and: Restless, by Sarah Hoyt.

Seems more than a few of us are having thoughts to that end, about the coming trouble, and the need to preserve our civilization.

Second, and similar to The President is either Stupid or an Asshole, we have Obama: Either “Delusional” Or “The Dumbest Son Of A Bitch On The Planet”, via Insty.

Now for the regular Drive-By links:

Mass Shooting Numbers.

Never let a crisis go to waste. Loretta Lynch is a scumbag.

So is Erdogan.

Wim Hof breathing method course review.

Via a post that disappeared mysteriously, 1 in 4 Swedish Women will be raped, because Vox is correct: Immigration is rape culture.

And finally, last but not least: 5 Ways to Find ideas about which books to read. I would like to offer a sixth: My sidebar links.