Drive By Blogging, November 2

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CCW Holder Shoots, Kills Armed Robber. But the NARRATIVE says guns are never successfully used for any defensive purpose… (Or, in more likelihood: We’re all right again and the narrative is a bunch of crap.)

“Cuck Rogen” is probably my favorite use of the word Cuckold ever. Seth Rogen is a degenerate loser; his comedy is at best derivative and seems to mostly be focused around idiocy and potty humor. Yeah — Ren and Stimpy did that in the 1990s, Seth. Also, it’s no longer edgy to mock: Christians, white people, straight men. It has been done, and by your betters.

Hillary Campaign accuses Sanders of sexism. Get ready for this if she’s the nominee. We’ve already had eight years of anyone disagreeing with Obama being called a racist. This is just the next iteration of that same bullshit.

Don’t Be an Idiot. Or, “Go STEM or Go Home.” (Or go trade school, which is the best bet for many.)

Also, just a reminder, today is day two of National Novel Writing Month. Get to it if you’re doing it.