Entertainment should be Entertaining

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As I mentioned before, Entertainment should damned well be entertaining. Hollywood disagrees:

Why does Hollywood want to punish us?

This year’s Oscar aren’t just heavy — it’s a given that the weightiest dramas pop up in theaters when Academy members are preparing their ballots. But this time around, the movies are more than serious. They’re nightmare-inducing. You’ve got a bear trying to eat a man and slow-motion throat-slitting; a teenager held captive in a shed and dead bodies hidden behind drywall. Just to name a few.

Well, that sounds edgy.

But just before the intermission, things take a turn during a flashback that involves one sadistic character forcing a man to walk naked in the snow for hours and then — and there’s no easy way to put this — the guy forces his freezing, nude prisoner to perform oral sex on him. That scene is basically an amuse-bouche for the grotesqueries to come. You know, exploding heads, bloody vomit, a testicular mishap — that kind of thing.

A testicular mishap? Rape? I’ll pass, thanks. (So, Tarantino is pushing the rape culture, right?)

The rest doesn’t sound much better. Bleak, bleaker, bleakest. I’m all for artistic freedom and even some good old school grotesque writing… but that’s not the only game in town, hey?