Evil Losers.

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Evil. Losers.

When I first heard it I thought it was just kind of a weird, goofy thing the President said. It sounds like an off-the-cuff reaction — I didn’t know what to say when I first heard about the attack, either. First I assumed, naively, that there must have been a pyrotechnic issue. It has constantly become worse — I also didn’t realize immediately how young the concertgoers were.

Last night and through most of the day I kept thinking about how cowardly and craven these terrorists are. But, also, yeah — they’re fucking losers. They targeted a crowd of kids after a music concert.

What sort of loser is threatened by Ariana Grande’s music or her fans?

What is dangerous about kids? Who is threatened by twelve year olds — or eight year olds!

Losers. That’s who. They can’t actually accomplish anything meaningful, they can’t control anything, so they lash out the only way they can. By fighting people who don’t see it coming, people who can’t defend themselves, people who aren’t hurting anyone. Because these dudes are pathetic losers. Every last one of them. Even the most successful terrorist is still just one explosion away from being a Jeff Dunham puppet. They are sad. Losers. Pathetic. And I hope they get branded that way forever.

Losers. Dorks. Dweebs. Failures. Pathetic.

Yeah, that about sums them all up.