Fame and Social Justice

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A Brief One

First, the necessary background. Amy Schumer — now one of the many voices of gun control and liberalism in Hollywood — started her career as an edgy comic. A large part of her schtick was being politically incorrect — making jokes about minority men, primarily — and female sexual escapades. She herself used the term “slut” or “slutty” in many of her bits and her show was (is?) called “Inside Amy Schumer.” That’s a pretty clear sexual reference if you were born during the twentieth century or you’ve heard even two minutes of her jokes.

amy_schumer_SJWNow, sometime in the last week she was at some event and took a picture with a teenage fan. You can tell he’s a fan because he took a picture with a celebrity and not just any Shitlord has the balls to take a picture with a celebrity they’re not a fan of. That takes being at least a Shitlord General, and this kid is at most a Private. He posted this picture on social media and on at least one site captioned it with, “Spent the Night with Amy Schumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that.”

He has since deleted the Tweet, and here is why:

First, upon seeing the tweet, Amy Schumer called the kid out and accused him of slut shaming: “‘Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you.” She then said it was a “bummer to read that.”

Really? The kid, an obvious fan, makes a joke in the same vein as your own (“I’ve been diagnosed with seasonal slut disorder”), and you can’t recognize the joke? If someone bit into me using a line one of my characters spoke I’d assume it was a sarcastic tribute. Or is it just that Amy can’t take shit about herself?

The problem isn’t even her response exactly. It’s totally understandable that she might be so stupid she didn’t catch on to a reference to the jokes that made her famous, or that she’s depressed and needs to start juicing or something to get her mind right. The problem is that by attacking him on a grand stage she invited two types of people to respond to the kid even if she was too short sighted (likely) to see it: White Knights, which is really sad and funny because they’re the only guys Schumer won’t fuck, and SJWs (not much difference, I know) — mostly ugly women with severe reading comprehension problems.

Obviously this kid likes Schumer and made a joke similar to her own as a form of tribute (or he’s a hell of a Shitlord in disguise in which case — props kid!), and he clearly wanted to share the picture — with her, since he tagged her — and probably even kind of likes her (even though she looks like she smells like corned beef). He’s like seventeen — he probably even kind of likes most women. This kid was just trying to be funny and get some acceptance and he got shit on for his trouble — first by the woman he was trying to pay tribute to, and second by a horde of her idiot fans. You want to talk about a bummer?

What the kid should have said to her initial reply:

“Whores get paid for it, Amy.”

Because neither she nor her horde of fans are going to let the kid live this down. At least with that he has the dignity of having a spine. He deleted the comment and posted multiple apologies. Hell, just google what he said and look at the “media” sites lining up to kiss her ass like she just slayed the patriarchy with her sharp wit. The woman came to fame throwing shade and appearing on roasts. This kid was trying to roll with that and now he’s forever linked to her stupid bullshit and she’s the victim. Pick a site in the Google results with comments and look at the stupid hypocrisy the SJW type pansies are throwing out.

You can all rah rah rah about how women just have to fight to be equal but the response here just makes a lot of people say, ‘Women can’t take the same criticism men do.’ SJWs love them some attacking innocent kids on the internet!

Finally, interesting how shaming women for having sex is off-limits but if you imply a man is not — “neck bearded virgin” — that’s not off limits. It’s a clear misunderstanding of the way things work. If everyone is to be treated equally based on their sexual decision making and sexual prowess then you cannot have a double standard. That invites strife and fighting between the sexes. Stop being so god-damned retarded about perceived inequality while engaging in more of the same you smelly gits.