Fear Fete and Indie Films

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This weekend, the wife and I went to Fear Fete. We weren’t able to see all the films due to our schedules, but we did catch a few:

La Llorona was easily the best that we saw. It had a certain element of creepy that most of the others didn’t. There were certainly disturbing films, and movies with gore, but this one was my favorite.

Game was a close second. Entirely different, not scary or creepy, but really entertaining and interesting.

Most all of what we saw were really good — especially given the restraints they had to work under. These independent films don’t have huge budgets for things like special effects. There weren’t any truly bad ones (but I imagine there is some filtering that goes into selecting them for the festival), but there were a few I didn’t like.

It’s interesting to see the growth of film around here — a few of the shorts were made in state, and some in neighboring Louisiana. Louisiana has started to become a sort of Hollywood South over the last few years (it’s cheaper), and some are pushing for similar growth in Mississippi. Any sort of economic growth here is good, especially if it doesn’t impact the cost of living too terribly much and local jobs are created.

That’s another post entirely, though, so I won’t get into the details here. Fear Fete was great, and there were some great shorts and features shown. I hope they keep coming back.

I have to say, I kind of want to write something horror-esque now.

Oh, we also met J. LaRose, who was very nice and easy going. He introduced one slate of films we saw and ran a question and answer session with the creators of La Llorona.