Free Speech and Private Property

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When it comes to free speech on private property, you don’t have it.

The Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter plans to hold a demonstration at the Mall of America Wednesday, protesting the Nov. 15 shooting death of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis police.

Despite legal action from the Mall of America, Black Lives Matter organizers said in a statement Monday that the demonstration will proceed as planned unless their demands are met. The demands call for videos of Clark’s shooting to be released and for the appointment of a special prosecutor to decide whether the involved officers shooting should be tried, rather than leaving the decision up to a grand jury.

None of which has anything to do with the Mall of America. They do not get to decide who gets tried, and for what…

The mall filed a request for a temporary restraining order last week, arguing that the mall is private property thus immune from unwanted protests.

Yes. I cannot go to your house and protest. It’s called trespassing. People not there to shop, but to disrupt shopping, are trespassing and interfering with legal commerce (which isn’t illegal as far as I know, but still).

“The Mall of America has now taken the further outrageous and totalitarian step of attempting to control the speech of individuals,” the organization said in a statement Monday, calling the mall’s demonstration ban a violation of free speech.

IN SUMMATION: The BLM movement is led by morons who have no idea what the freedom of speech is. The Mall is trying to prevent you from harassing their customers, not prevent you from exercising your free speech. You can do that — outside the mall, with a legal permit.

While protesting alongside shoppers preoccupied with holiday preparations, “We should make them uncomfortable as hell,” said Reeves.

In other words, interfere with them. Intimidate, even. Harass, maybe.

If someone made a point of making my wife “uncomfortable” or scaring her, or any other combination of interpretations of this thug’s statement (and he is a thug, make no mistake about his intent there), I might well end up being the focus of a demand for a trial because I would react in a way that is much more swift than what Mall of America is doing. How dare you thugs attempt to rattle people who did nothing wrong?

Who the fuck do you punks think you are that you can get in someone’s space on private property?

At the end of the day BLM is making more people racist, it’s dividing people, it’s making people lose respect for the legitimate issues by pulling stunts like making people “uncomfortable as hell.” This is what one of your thugs said. That makes you thugs. End of story.