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This crazy bat does not want a return to “might is right”. Because she and her behavior trigger me, and if that makes assault acceptable…

You should not be allowed to review a product you haven’t used.

But, but… layers of oversight bloggers don’t have!

Ravenwood is back!

We must make girlz powerz gamez. This is pure stupid; make what sells.

Note the light punishment. What’s with the female-on-male rape culture? (C’mon if this were a guy we know what the moonbat feminists would scream).

Warren Buffett is a hypocrite and a liberal, but I repeat myself. They all are. Anyone who says “Oh raise my taxes, I don’t pay enough” is a hypocrite — nothing is stopping them from overpaying. They can simply write a check any time. But they don’t — and men like Buffett who are on the record saying they should pay more taxes bend over backward and do everything legal to reduce their tax payment. Assholes.

Speaking of assholes, how about the governor of Virginia? Why Elections Matter.

Stupid bitches. I would never just assume someone was buying something for me.

10 reasons to become a survivalist.

Maggots Feasting on the Corpse of the American Dream.

Which: Look, I don’t believe in victim blaming but I do believe in teaching people how to take care of themselves. Don’t get sloppy drunk without a trustworthy person to look out for you — like, say, a boyfriend or husband, someone who isn’t going to take advantage of you but is strong enough to carry you around. (Or, just don’t get sloppy drunk; it’s never worth it). Don’t make yourself an easy target. Tonight, driving home from a hockey game, someone pulled out of a side road where they had been parked, hidden, like a cop. They got behind me, then turned onto the road I did, so I took a turn I didn’t need to. They took the turn. What’d I do? I took another turn to see if they followed. They did not. I was out a whole, minute, maybe two. Not a big deal. Much better than if they were actually nefarious and followed me home. I still think something bizarre was going on.

Look out for yourself, especially in the company of strangers. Especially times two in the company of strangers and alcohol. Nothing you do will make you deserve to be raped. But you can certainly make it less likely and harder. I don’t hang out in crime ridden neighborhoods with a wad of money, and I don’t go wandering around gold diggers with a turkey baster full of my semen. Be. Careful.