Game of Speeches

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What do we say to spoilers? Not today, spoilers

– I’m going to start with Dany: God make her stop talking so damn much! She got on a dragon and rambled in a language that they have to sub-title.

– BEN JEN! These scenes were easily the best of the show. Meera is more interesting than Bran other than the three eyed Raven bit. I wonder if Howland might have told her the truth about Jon? God let someone know other than Bran and an old guy named Howland.

– Sam and Gilly deal with the second worst old fucker currently on the show. Man, that guy was a real prick from start to end. And man, was that obvious with Sam stealing the sword that can kill White Walkers? It was nice seeing Sam make a damn decision like that, and for Gilly to have had enough. Though I think it would have better served Sam if he found those nuts at the dinner, not later that night.

– Margery is definitely tricking the High Sparrow, who is charmed by her not-Cersei-ness. Tommen is a damned tool. Toolmmen. Jamie really needs to get out of the influence of Cersei — it drags them both down. She hasn’t had any edge and he has been undone every scene by their schemes. Also, Mace Tyrell is either the world’s biggest idiot or the smartest motherfucker in the valley. I cannot wait for Jamie outside of King’s Landing and hopefully Bronn.

– Freys! God let this mean there will be more dead Freys this season. As the Stark family will agree it is their turn.

– Finally, the Arya story is interesting. And a bit of foreshadowing: “She loved him more than anything” and “She didn’t get to say goodbye.” Then she gets Needle out? Yeah: she’s still got a list of names. A girl has some people to kill, starting with that ugly-ass waif.


– Keeping with Arya I think Jaqen sent the Waif to her own death, and he knows it. I do not think he went through the trouble of putting up with Arya in Westeros, giving her the coin, and then dealing with her this long to kill her over an actress. Also, that’s some low-hanging fruit for the Faceless Men. A traveling actress in a play so bad they wouldn’t show it on the Braavosi version of SyFy? Horse shit. Finally, the Waif has some very personal issues with Arya — she has no become “no one” either.

– DEAD FREYS INCOMING. I don’t even care who kills them.

– Margery is still up to some tricks, just to get out of having to march her naked ass down the street and to save Loras from getting turned into a medieval pinata. Still betting on Tommen’s death. Maybe Cersei goes bugnuts when that happens — wouldn’t it be ironic if she burned the city down, after Jamie stopped Aerys from doing it?

– If we don’t get the Hound back soon, we better at least get some more dead Freys. Did I mention them yet?

– Sam is not going to be able to become a maester in time to make the story interesting. It cannot be an overnight process for a dude to become a maester, and there are four episodes and one season left. Maybe next season ends up being more episodes but there’s no damn way it’s going to be enough to make him still relevant. Something else must be at play here.

– Interesting how Dany started talking about ships and how many she’ll need to take her Mad Max rapists to visit their terror upon Westeros. I seriously hope someone removes her head from her shoulders before she’s able to do that.