Gearing up for National Novel Writing Month

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Sunday starts the annual exercise in frustration for many of us. As I have every year since I heard about it, I will be participating.

But this time I intend to complete it with something I like.

In 2003 I did my first NNWM, and that was the first and only time I’ve actually enjoyed the process and liked the end result, at least to my memory. This year I want to get back to that, a good twelve years later. To give you an idea how bad the last few years have gone: I only remember what I wrote in 2003 and 2004. That’s right, I don’t remember what I wrote last year.

2013 I can understand — that year I was doped to the gills because of my knee surgery.

The novel I wrote in 2003 was an autobiography of a fictional wrestling character. In this book I’d invented an entire universe of professional wrestling. In addition to being my favorite thing I wrote for a NNWM, it was also the longest I wrote — and earliest that I finished. This year I’m going to write something for Cigars and Legs — and publish it before Valentine’s Day!

Here’s to an actual deadline.