Glenn Beck Warned Us!

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About everything! He’s ALWAYS right!

glenn-beck-dumb-face-485x279Glenn Beck has a radio talk-show that comes on around the time I’m driving to work some days. It just depends on how early I get going. Because of that I don’t hear him often and usually have to turn him off anyway because he’s a very self-righteous, self-assured person. The one time he was amusing was the day after the 2010 election. But usually he just comes across like a phony blowhard.

Lately, he’s telling us two things. One, Donald Trump is a sociopath or a psychopath, two: he predicted all of this. Beck predicts more doom and gloom than a televangelist. Maybe he’s right a lot and he does make all these correct calls but I think he just makes general assumptions and then claims he saw whatever happened coming. The dude harps on buying seeds on his radio show for crying out loud.

Speaking of crying. The man cries. A lot. I don’t even watch him on purpose and I’ve seen him cry. He’s worse than Boehner.

His latest attack on Trump is to say a bunch of anonymous people are telling him Trump is a narcissistic sociopath. Now, having actually dealt with one of those I’m going out on a limb here: These anonymous doctors are actually diagnosing Beck, because he comes across like a raging narcissist and has clear sociopathic tendencies. Let’s look at the signs of narcissism:

“An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges.” Check: any time Beck is talking, he turns the story into one about him. How he feels, how he thinks, how he predicted this, and now how he’s crying about it.

How'd he get here?!

How’d he get here?!

“Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships.” Well he’s been through a lot of employers and his network isn’t doing too well. Maybe.

“A lack of psychological awareness.” Given his inability to see how own narcissism and outright insane behavior:check!

“Difficulty with empathy.” Now, this one is difficult. A sociopath doesn’t really feel human emotions but a successful one is very good at emulating them. This is what makes them so dangerous, and so prone to doing something we’d call insane. Beck is overcompensating with his empathy, in my opinion. Especially after his border stunts. I’m saying check to this one.

“Problems distinguishing the self from others.” Oh so check.

“Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults.” He took Palin endorsing Trump awful personal. He reacts very badly, in public, to any perceived slight. This isn’t just being thin-skinned: he handles criticism poorly.

“Vulnerability to shame rather than guilt.” This one, I can’t decide on. Maybe.

“Haughty body language.” And how. Check.

“Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them.” Well, Sean Hannity has this one, too, but yes. Glenn Beck is almost to the point of passing out blowjobs for compliments. Check.

“Detesting those who do not admire them.” Check — especially if Trump’s claims about all this hate starting when he refused to do Beck’s show.

“Using other people without considering the cost of doing so.” Check.

“Pretending to be more important than they are.” Once he had a theme song for his show that sounded like some sort of Soviet Marching dirge. The dude thinks he’s destined to be some sort of emperor. Check.

“Bragging and exaggerating their achievements.” Well, what else is “I told you all this years ago…”

“Claiming to be an expert at many things.” Check!

“Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people.” Check!

“Denial of remorse and gratitude.” Maybe.

So, three maybes and the rest confirmed parts of Beck’s persona/personality.

In other words, like many on the left, Beck is actually projecting his own thought process onto others. He’s the narcissist, he’s the sociopath, but he’s made Trump into this enemy (for not kissing the ring) and now he’s decided that Trump must be all the things that are wrong with Beck.

Remember, Beck took the border crisis we had very personally. He made it about him, he went on a rampage attacking men like me for disagreeing with his position (because he couldn’t see our thought process), and he takes people disagreeing with him as a personal slight. Notice that behavior among crazy people: if you don’t like what they like, you are insulting them personally.

Artists rendition of Glenn Beck

Artists rendition of Glenn Beck

Usually that behavior is limited to children (who still haven’t totally formed their knowledge of self): if you dislike something they like, they take it as a sign you don’t like them. Because this thing they like is a major part of their life (because children have limited life experience). It is only upon reaching adulthood that we begin to understand and accept how tastes differ. Beck does not have that part of his brain, and you can see this in his “me vs. The world” mentality.

I disagree with a great many people but I don’t think they’re insane just because we have a difference of opinion. I may joke, I may even be hyperbolic about it, but I won’t go on a rampage insisting that they are insane — unless they are acting in such a way that makes it not merely a difference of opinion. Most other adults are the same way.

Donald Trump clearly does not have that outlook. Yes, he’s got some vainglory in him. You have to if you’re going to be a media figure or run for president. In our times no humble person runs for such a high office. Cameras everywhere, your every move tracked? No, thanks.

I’ll use Palin for this example: Trump and Palin have different political opinions on a host of issues. Just compare what Trump’s platform is to Palin’s. But they agree on some very important (to them, and coincidentally, to me) issues. Even if he picks from the current GOP candidates he won’t totally agree with his Vice Presidential nominee, either.

That’s life.

I expect Glenn Beck is going to continue his meltdown. It might even become a catastrophic, personally damaging meltdown. But unless he gets help he will end up like most narcissistic sociopaths: dying alone, reviled by those that he would expect to love him. It’s a dangerous path and I worry about him — because unlike Beck, I actually experience real empathy for people.

Get help, Glenn. Medicine and talk therapy will get you through it!