Going it alone, Witnessing Murder, and an elephant Stampede.

This week in (April 15th-21st) 1954…

Nixon in 1950
Vice President Richard Nixon said on Friday that we may be putting our boys in Indochina, with or without allied support. This is the latest elevation in administration rhetoric surrounding the issues in Indochina and follows last week’s “Domino Theory” speech by the president. It is unknown at this time what the reaction of the Communists will be.

This week was quite busy for film goers, starting with Witness To Murder on Thursday, starring Barbara Stanwyck. In this suspenseful drama, Cheryl Draper (Stanwyck) witnesses the murder of another woman — but no one believes her, and no body is found…

Also on Thursday, Columbia released the first chapter of their new serial, Gunfighters of the Northwest, starring Jock Mahoney. The first chapter is titled “A Trap for Mounties.”

On Friday, Paramount Pictures’ Elephant Walk debuted, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, and Dana Andrews. This film is a period piece based upon the novel of the same name by Robert Standish about a Colonial tea planter and his soon unhappy wife, Ruth (Taylor).

On the small screen this week, the Martha Wright Show debuted on ABC television on Sunday, April 18th. This musical variety program stars singer Martha Wright and airs directly after the Walter Winchell Show and is sponsored by Packard automobiles.

– On Friday, April 16th, the Barkin family welcomed Ellen Rona Barkin into the world. As far as we know, this princess has never laughed.