Guns versus privileges.

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At CNN they’ve compiled a list of things that are supposedly easier to get than a gun. Let’s play spot the error!

A driver’s license
License: Submit proof of your identity. Pass vision and written tests. Drive around a couple of weeks on your learner’s permit. Then pass the driving test. Depending on the state, it takes completing all that to get your first ever driver’s license. Also, some states, like Maryland, put you under a probationary status for a few months when you get your driver’s license.
Gun: You usually don’t need a license or permit to buy a gun, unless you live in one of 13 states (and D.C.) that force you to get one. And there’s no probationary period after you get a gun.

However, you do NOT need a license to buy a car. You need the license to use it on tax-payer provided roads. Important to note: driving is a privilege, not a right. There is no part of the Constitution that says, “The people have the right to drive.”

Also, your driver’s license works in all 50 states. A concealed carry permit is (illegally in my opinion) not recognized by all states.

A passport
Passport: You have to prove you’re a citizen, submit paperwork and a photo and usually wait about six weeks to get your hands on your first U.S. passport.
Gun: A gun store runs your name through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System; you put your money on the counter and the gun is yours. Takes just a few minutes. If you’re buying from a private seller, you don’t even have to go through a background check in most states.

The delay in getting a passport is pure government inefficiency. Also, you cannot get a passport from a private seller. Passports come from only one entity — the government.

Cold medicine
Medicine: There’s a limit on how much cold medicine you can buy every month. That’s because the active ingredient in cold medicines is pseudoephedrine. It’s also a key ingredient in making meth. So, the feds want to make sure the medicine isn’t used for something else.
Gun: There’s no federal law that limits how many you buy.

This is stupid. Pseudoephedrine should be over the counter, but it’s only in one particular kind of medicine and is most helpful for allergies, not colds. This is, again, government intrusion into the lives of citizens.

If we ever accept an arbitrary limit on guns we accept that it may be arbitrarily lowered.

Also, there is no limit to how much “cold medicine” you can own, if you don’t take it.

A divorce
Divorce: In some states, waiting for your divorce to be final will have you cooling your heels for up to six months.
Gun: Whether you buy online or in person, there are no waiting periods for gun purchases — unless you live in the nine states (and D.C.) that require it. But even then, it’ll keep you from your gun for no more than a handful of days.

There are a huge number of legal hurdles involved in divorce. Financial, child-care, et cetera. There is also not a right to divorce in the Bill of Rights.

A pet
Pet: In most cases, you must be 21, show ID and you may be asked to provide personal references. In some cases, the adoption agency may do a home check before handing over the pet.
Gun: No personal references. No home visits.

I’ve had pets all my life and never once have I shown ID. This sounds like government intrusion into his life from an overbearing state or local government. In fact, I’ve never even paid for a pet — they’ve all come free. Nobody has ever given me a gun or even a bullet for free.

This is the logic of a “journalist.”

Do you know what is easier to get than a gun? Writing utensils. First Amendment is out of control!

Do you know what is easier to get than a gun? A chainsaw. Cheaper, too.

Do you know what is easier to get than a gun? A dangerous amount of high fructose corn syrup filled junkfood, which is killing more people than guns and also driving up costs for every American.

Do you know what is easier to get than a gun? Knives. Ropes. Pipes. Candlesticks. All the weapons from Clue (except the gun) are easier to get than a gun.

I can do this all day.

I could load up my car and my wife’s car with maybe twelve adults uncomfortably and we could all go buy baseball bats in less time than it would take for a NICS check to run. Twelve uncomfortable adults with bats could do a ridiculous amount of carnage. There’s no license to buy a bat!

Even cheaper, lead pipes at the Home Depot or Lowes or even a local supply store.

In the aftermath of 9/11 the government limits how much toothpaste you can take on a plane, and we’re supposed to let them impose limits on natural rights?