Happy New Year — and a Cigar Review!

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Happy New Year!

As part of my Christmas stocking stuffers, I got a sampler of Travis Club cigars from Finck Cigar Company. This is going to be short since it’s a holiday, but:

These are long-filler, well constructed cigars so I’ll jump right into it: The construction of the cigar was pretty good, but they felt a little hollow (for lack of a better term), like they were loosely packed on the inside. It didn’t seem to affect the smoking of the cigar or anything. But it was kind of odd feeling between my fingers.

The aroma was great, start to end. Smooth, nice tobacco smell. The flavor was light, as expected, but carried that good tobacco taste with it. It never took on the strange almost chemical taste that some cheaper sticks do.

For a sub-$2 cigar, they’re great cigars.