Has such an epic post.

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But I lost all the posts I wrote over the last two years.

Oh, no, wait, that was just the IRS and, coincidentally, the two years of e-mails that are relevant to the current case.

But hey, at least things in Iraq are going so well. Right?

Really? Damn.

Well, that whole amnesty push and border security thing — no?


Oh, what about our reset with Russia? Really? THAT EITHER?

The whole Obamacare thing? Not so hot?

Well how about the economy? Oh, the price of food is skyrocketing, gas is stagnating at an awful level, and the fewest number of Americans are working in, er, how long? Hmm.

I know! I know! We have that rocking space program! Right? No? We can’t even get to the ISS without the Russians or private companies?

So what the fuck good has Obama done, exactly?