Hilary is the Worst Option

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Even if, for some reason, you are an Establishment Republican type reading this blog, throwing in with Trump is the better option for you than Hilary Clinton. It’s pretty blatantly obvious that the only people standing to lose from a Trump election are the highest elitists and commentators of the flavor of Kristol and Erickson. Men that have staked everything on stopping the man because they recognize their power will wane under a Trump presidency. The same can be said for a man like Glenn Beck although he may be committed by this time next year regardless of who wins in November.

The Real Losers

The “rich” are the biggest losers under a President Trump, but not just anyone with money: The powers that be enriching themselves at the cost of the middle and the poor. Those that hire illegals, those that push for more immigration to drive salaries down. They lose under either a Trump or Cruz presidency and are the driving force behind the anti-Trump movement.

Lame commentators like Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson also lose big under Trump. For years they’ve built a brand of conservative populism, offering solutions to problems that never get solved, sowing discontent among people on the right, and sucking up to the left at every opportunity. If Trump wins and nothing horrifying happens, and problems actually get solved — these men lose, because you can’t be a fretting Aunt Pittypat commentator when you’ve lost all credibility. The idea that Trump and his supporters are some awful racists has powered their anti-Trump ramblings but once nothing horrible comes to pass… they’re discredited jerks who’ve already ticked off their “base.”

Why Everyone Else Wins

Democrats win because they have a powerful leader to fund raise and fight against. The Party has largely become entrenched and the Obama years have shortened their bench. A motivated set of youths might help the Democrat party given the opportunity — and losing to Trump will almost certainly mean a changing of the guard at the top. The Obama disaster will have finally run its course for this party. Maybe they’ll even have to give up the politics of identity.

Republicans will win because having the presidency is good for a party so long as the party doesn’t spend all their political capital before the first mid-term election. Even Republicans opposed to Trump will be better off than under a Hilary presidency because the Republican cowardice works as thus: They’ll sooner oppose their own party than a Democrat president. Their fear of shutting down the government under Obama — even in the face of his most unpopular ideas — shows the lack of spine prevalent among their number. I find this bad for the country, this inability to support your own constituents, but Republicans love it.

That’s why they so often push losers on the national level.

The media wins because Trump is a God-send for the media. They collectively hate him but can’t stop talking about him. Megyn Kelley has had her panties in a twist about him for nearly a year and changed her appearance to look more like the man after he refused to put up with her shtick — and she’s not even the biggest offender of the hate-Trump-but-love-his-ratings pool. Her spat is just the most public and so far no other media personality has tried to mimic his haircut.

Most political commentators win for the same reason as the general media. Regardless of where one stands on the man he has produced traffic as well as ratings. Of course, men like Rush Limbaugh will gain regardless — Rush, like Trump, often positions himself in a no-lose situation. (People expected Rush to lose popularity when the Clinton presidency ended but this never materialized.)

The American people win, because even if Trump is telling us fibs on his stances at least the message will win: Make America Great Again. Bring back jobs. Push wages up. He’s for security, he’s for the interests of the American people. Even if he’s lying, winning on that lie gives power to it.

Also, a Trump victory will mark the end of the race card as a political tool. The whining politically correct pansies, the triggered-by-anything brigade are in full force trying to scare people away from Trump with the racist taint… and it doesn’t work. A victory in November would break the chains of that argument once and for all. The nation wins then, because our discourse will no longer be polluted by this disruptive, empty lie.

We’re better served by discussing differences of opinion like adults and moving away from childish name-calling. “Racist” is childish name-calling.

Well, I guess the cry-bullies also lose in a Trump presidency.

Do your part: Vote to end Cry-Bullying!